How to get past plague tree corona mutations

So I can’t get past MMA and I’ve played for a long time so I don’t want to stop


MMNA to (Currently) CTNA (Progress I have so far)

  • During MMNA - Upgrade 2 Tab is used to Progress throughout MMNA, You’ll have to increase your Mutation & Make sure you’re gaining ‘Max Buyable’ from the Buyable Tab.

  • 1e309 MMNA - You’ll unlock CRNA

  • 1,000 - 2,000 CRNA - A New mRNA Tab once you get ‘Softerona’ Upgrade. Grind ‘Mutations’ & ‘Corona Mutations’.

  • Virus Name: ‘COVID-19’ & 6.250e26 CRNA - Unlock the next Layer, CTNA (You’ll spend almost the rest of your time in this layer) Like before, you’ll reset all of your progress but gain an boost in previous layers, It’s much easier to get back to CTNA.

  • 10 CTNA - Start Grinding CTNA and make sure all Autobuyers are on from the Milestones earned during CTNA. (Autobuyers are enabled so you don’t have to worry about IN & F Layers)

  • e30,000 CTNA - e130,000 CTNA - Your CTNA Production will slowdown by ^ rather than /, but it’s easy to reach e130,000 CTNA from e30,000, Unlocks Coronas, Coronas will help you proceed farther, but it requires you to reset Coronas every so often to use different Corona Buyables to get farther in, At the beginning try to only use the 1st and 2nd Corona Buyable unless you can’t get any more CTNA. Keep going until you’ve reached e1.5e9 CTNA.

  • e1.5e9 CTNA - Unlocks CorVids & LaBas, these are required to get deeper into CTNA, Remember that Corona Buyables are still important until you’ve maxed out all 3 and to check the Main CTNA Tab for new Upgrades that appear every so often.

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Ok thanks for the help :smiley:


@Raylan_Helton but my main problem is that I’m playing on Chrome so I can’t just have an auto clicker running out like once every 5 milliseconds it will click and I have to tap around five times to get this Corona mutation that will take too long and like we’ll have to put some Microsoft edge something that won’t do this and zoom in every single time or do I just have to live with it? Anybody know

…hello I know it’s basically 9 but still anybody at least you’re in my time zone Georgia you know it’s probably like 10:00 p.m. in Australia I don’t know though I don’t check Australia time all the time even though I have a friend on Roblox there

Right now I am at 2.5480F5 cases