About the Mods category

The place to find, share, and discuss mods.

There should be 1 thread per mod, but one modder can have many mods. Updates to an existing mod do not get a new thread, but the modder should rather add a new post to the thread with the new changes, and optionally change the title of the post to reflect the new version. This way the post will be bumped up to the top and users can watch either the whole category or specific threads to receive notifications on mod updates.

To post in the mods category you’ll need to be in the mod creator group, which you can request access into here. Anyone can post in mod discussion and mod guides.

Also, there are a couple webhooks posting all mod updates to discord servers. If you’d like to add some text above the embed, you can configure some in your user preferences under profile. The setting is called “Webhook message content”. You may find writing some of the following to be useful:

  • <@&role-id> to ping a discord role
  • <@user-id> to ping a specific user
  • <#channel-id> to link to a channel

Please ping responsibly. If you’d like to make clickable links to those users/channels/roles but not ping anyone, you can also place that text within the post itself - they’ll show up and be clickable, but won’t ping anyone.