About the Title Requests category

Request titles here! The title of the post should contain both the suggested title as well as the current name of the badge.

Titles are the text that appears next to a poster’s username. If you go to your user preferences you can select a title - they are granted by having certain badges. If a badge does not currently grant a title, you may make a request here with the title you’d enjoy. Some titles are granted based on the group(s) you are in, but those are not up to community suggestions.

If you have a title you believe could be granted on some condition that does not currently grant a badge, you may still suggest it, and if accepted the badge will be created, however keep in mind those will have a higher threshold to reach before an admin will approve it.

The absolute likes requirement to add a title will change based on the size of the community, and the mods have final authority on approving or rejecting suggestions. When approved or rejected the thread will be locked.