Why is day twelve still not out in the advent incremental, is the answer on discord?

we’re working on it I swear


Bruh, it’s been all day. If you need ideas, I can certainly help.

we are not lacking on ideas

Okay, Gotcha. Can you tell me what today’s layer is supposed to be? Just the main resource please, not more.

there isn’t one, similar to elves

Day four’s technically trained_elves/elves, but nevermind, the most important part is that you removed the, maybe a glitch, where the layer would repeat itself four times for the layer. Let us rejoice for that.

I’m abit confused. Day 12 is now available and says i need to train 36 elf levels to complete the day…well I’ve done that and day 13 has not unlocked?

However it looks like i can potentially upgrade the school a couple more times for level 5 elves…but they don’t appear to have level 4 or 5 milestones?

Also…presuming we do need to get the school to level 5 to proceed to day 13 then either I’m doing something wrong or something is unbalanced. To get the school to level 4 i need e33 logs, yet my log Production gets me to e30.

The only option i seem to have to directly improve log Production is upgrading the workshop…but its such a minor improvement it doesnt help much.

I could muck about with dyes to increase box and paper production, but that looks like it’ll have a fairly minor effect

I’m sure it’s been seen and is being worked on, but just in case you seem to have an error that prevents progress past elf training.

index.4f6cc4fb.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

I haven’t created any of these mods but it seems you might need to restructure :confused:

Edit: I forgot to say, this is an EXCELLENT idea for a programming challenge and I think it’s awesome that you’re doing it.