Cheat Guide

To everyone who wants to cheat in the trees (NOT SUGGESTED), here are some commands you can run in the console. You can typically open the console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+I or F12

Note on finding “layer” and “feature” IDs:
Many of these commands use [layer] or [feature] to refer to a layer or feature ID. Layers typically refer to the different nodes in the tree, and the ID is typically a lowercase version of the text inside the node. However, that’s not always the case. You can run Object.keys(layers) to see a list of all layer IDs, and hopefully it’s clear which is which from there.

Similarly for features: For a given feature type, e.g. “upgrades”, you should be able to write Object.keys(layers[layer].upgrades) and get a list of all the IDs for that feature. Typically they’ll be a number, in which case they represent the row the item is in, followed by the column. For example, 25 would be an item in the second row and 5th column.

Speeding up the game

player.devSpeed = x


  • player.devSpeed = 8
  • player.devSpeed = 1e6


  • You’ll be hardcapped by the mod’s maxTickLength (set by mod creator). Any higher than that won’t have any effect

Changing Resources

player.[layer].[resource] = new Decimal("x")


  • player.p.points = new Decimal("1e135")
  • player.g.apples = new Decimal("1e71000"))


  • You can find a list of possible resources to change by running Object.keys(player[layer]) (as well as non-resources like purchased upgrades)
  • Make sure to use new Decimal! Setting them to a regular number is likely to break things
  • Make sure to put the number in quotation marks. It’s technically optional until e308, but it’s better to just get in the habit of using quotation marks!
  • The layer currency is always called points

Granting Milestones & Achievements

player.[layer].[feature type].push(id)


  • player.f.milestones.push(22)

Completing Challenges

player.[layer].challenges[id] = x


  • player.d.challenges[33] = 1
  • player.alpha.challenges[625] = 25


  • If a challenge doesn’t specify how many times it can be completed, setting completions to 1 will probably max it

Changing Buyable Amounts

setBuyableAmount("layer", id, new Decimal("x"))


  • setBuyableAmount("p", 33, new Decimal("18"))
  • setBuyableAmount("fh",45,new Decimal("1e56"))


  • Buyables typically look like larger upgrades you can buy multiple times. If you’re not sure something’s a Buyable, you can always try and look for it inside layers[layer].buyables

Automatically Reset Layers



  • setInterval(function(){doReset('p')},500}
  • setInterval(function(){doReset('light')},3200}

Automatically Buy Upgrades



  • setInterval(function(){autobuyUpgrades('a')},1)
  • setInterval(function(){autobuyUpgrades('speed')},1)

Win The Game

gameEnded = true

nice i could beat the speedrun tree with a total time of under 10 seconds now