Doors tree discussion

Hey! You should put this in the Mods category (as opposed to Mod Discussion) ;D It’ll let you be the only one who can reply to the post (useful if you want to post updates here) and list your mod among other mods.

(P.S. just opened your game and it looks to be an interesting concept, I like it :+1: )

EDIT: I’m sorry, I forgot to mention you have to have the mod-creator role. Once you get that, you can post to Mods . You should get it soon though :)


I like this tree, doesn’t have much now but has a lot of potential and is a great concept. May I suggest adding some knobs?


Good idea for a tree

wait is this mod abandoned

@koreanguy_lol yes

oh ok.

@koreanguy_lol well he isn’t even on here anymore this is the only post made 729 clicks that’s a lot like what for only two layers that aren’t even really layers

This mod is not discontinued!

btw this mod is roblox doors

You might seriously want to change this to just mods because this could get annoying how other people can talk I said seriously because you know it’s April fool’s

Oh no we made thepaperpilot mad (I think at least)

No, I just hadn’t realized before then that it was a mod being posted in the discussion category. So I moved the discussion part here and moved the original thread into Mods

Your own reply that was literally talking about an update got put in the discussion :skull: