(ended now) Yet another challenge tree: adventure guide

yeah this is fast way to grind i think.
best tier 3 set =
(skipping 1)
t3(tier 3) 2nd challenge best = a: max, b= half, c=half
t3 3rd best= a,b: max, c: 1
t3 4th best= a and b: max, c: idk maybe 4/1 and -1 for me ok
then, u will grind more fast.
----------------------- tier 4 guides maybe --------------------------
(3 Limit Break) there is ‘buff boost’ and ‘nerf decrease’ challenge, and buff boost is more good.
and also at 6 limit Break, black hole is good when getting t4 power, just select many t4 point boost.
and change when u want to get t3.
--------------------------------------- Tier 5. -------------------------------
well after the update, no tip sry
so finally,

__________________ more things ___________________
game link = yep.

i just played this for (15) ok 18 hours now
bruh monent

its 1.39e18 inf


Very nice!

You have figured out the method I have been using to solve these challenges myself when I was playtesting the game lol.

Hopefully if there are no schedule changes Layer IV will come very soon and people might be able to clear ‘As Medium As Division’ much more easier.

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oh, ok!

wait it updated

ok i was going to write t5 but its not long and have um… ok, so ima just wait a update.

where is next tree

working on it