Falling Mountain's Alterprestige

A weird prestige tree mod I made, based off of makiki99’s Prestige.
Currently still being developed.
Based off of fixed layers, rather than points.
7 layers, over 5 rows.
38 achievements.
Way too many upgrades.


The Great Rebalance, part 1:
Endgame changed to be at 4 Miniprestiges, and as such, all progress has been reset. Don’t “keep going” after the end, it’ll likely be a buggy mess.
Pre-Smallprestige section of the Great Rebalance.

Upgrades have changed:
Most have reduced costs, and changed effects.
Buyables now have much different cost scalings.
2nd (Nano) buyable now increases in power every time you gain an upgrade.
3rd buyable buffed.
4th buyable increases the power of the 3rd buyable.
Challenges can now be completed multiple times for extra rewards.
5th buyable increases the power of the 1st buyable.

As always, ping me on discord @Falling Mountain#4706 for bugs.


Great Rebalance, part 2:
Endgame changed to be 16 Miniprestiges. No need for a reset this time.
Rebalanced challenges, now all of them have better requirements and rewards
Broken Nanoprestige has also changed, and is now a buyable-based system
Achievements have changed as well. (There aren’t any Smallprestige achievements yet, they’ll come next update.)
There are now a few visual “glitches” while breaking Nanoprestige (they’re intentional), but I’m going to increase the frequency next update.

It’s probably going to have bugs again. Just ping me on discord if there are.


Great Rebalance, part 3:

  • Added a new layer, Communals
  • Extended endgame to 5 Smallprestiges
  • New upgrades in most layers
  • Fixed bug causing Microprestige upgrades and Miniprestige upgrades to hide when you have 0 Miniprestiges
  • Fixed bug hiding Buyable and Challenge menus when you didn’t have specific upgrades
  • When starting a new game, all nodes except Nano and Mini are locked, and get unlocked when you have enough to prestige
  • Added achievement images (woohoo)
  • other stuff probably

0.3.4: Introduction to the Cascade!

  • Two new layers: Cascaded Micro and Enlargement
  • Inspired by merging things
  • Warning: more idle than previous mechanics! Until it isn’t
  • 5 more Microprestige upgrades
  • 2 more Miniprestige upgrades and 1 Miniprestige buyable
  • You can also Partialprestige now
  • 2 achievements on the Partialprestige layer
  • Endgame moved to 10 Smallprestiges
  • Boost Constant changed to Break Constant to keep minigame names consistent
  • Broken Nano and its sublayers are now colored differently - this is to keep the blue theme
  • The tree is now mostly blue.
  • Nanoprestige milestones should now be kept on all resets
  • There are probably new bugs