Game Dev Tree Guide

This game is pretty open-ended so the guide won’t be hard and fast, but rather just a series of tips.

What should I spend my goodwill on?

Nothing! The boost is really powerful, and all the upgrades you can unlock are really expensive. Wait awhile before unlocking anything. At some point consider doing a couple goodwill resets just to look at the effects, and then a longer one to build up fans before spending the goodwill on the upgrades you think are most appropriate.

What endpoints should I use?

The 50x experience endpoint is grossly better than the others. Beyond that it won’t matter too much.

Why is the MA in Marketing degree taking so long?

Poor balancing! Yeah it sucks, but you’ll just need to build up time shards outside of the challenge and wait for TAs to level up a ton, and try again.


Really appreciate the guide! At what point should you spend good will? The upgrades say they unlock powerful upgrades but I haven’t touched them since seeing this lol. What should you spend endpoints on before affording the next experience endpoint?