Gods of Incremental is out and ready to play!

GAME LINK: https://icecreamdudes.github.io/godsofincremental/

DISCORD: discord

So this is my third TMT game and fourth incremental game, and is probably the best (according to my testers). There isn’t as much bugs as the last two games so I hope you guys will like this game.


  • v1.0b - Chapter 1: The Standard Path.
    -Added all of the content for chapter 1.
    -Added the incremental layer.
    -Added the meta-prestige layer.
    -Added the crafting layer.
    -Added the standard path.
    -Added the enhance path.
    -Added 15 new songs.
    -Added the first 12 layers of the prestige tree.
    -Added prestige points.
    -Added pure energy.
    -Added a celestial, Ce308.
    -Added a BOSSFIGHT?!
    -Added a whole buncha lore.
    Endgame: Defeated Ce308, ~3,000,000 Incremental Power, ~1e200 Points in Standard Path.

Its finally out! I’ve worked so hard on this game. Would love to hear some feedback.

Also check out the soundtrack: Soundtrack