Help with The Tree of Life

I’m currently stuck on this mod and would appreciate some guidance.

I’m on the 4th Organ reset so Cells, Stem Cells and Tissue upgrades are fully automated.

I have 37 Token 2s and 1082 Token 1s.

I’m at 1.55e37,306 Cells and attempting to reach the next Cell upgrade (which I think is the next thing I’ll need to get to make progress).

No matter what I do with my Token 2 buyables I am only making slow progress on Tissues or Cells which would likely take me days to get the amount of cells I need.

Organ resets 1 to 3 worked just fine with each reset getting a bit faster…but reset 4 and I hit this wall.

Primary and Secondary challenges are maxed and I cannot see any other upgrades, challenges or buyables in any other nodes that I’ve missed.

Can anyone help?

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I definitely had a couple organ resets where I forgot the full progression. The game isn’t loading for me rn (darn githack and its 429 errors its been getting recently) but I’d almost positive you need to try more token 2 configurations.

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I’m getting the 429 as well,so guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to fiddle a bit more.

I know my bottom left buyable is now sticking at max and the middle right seems to not change no matter what I do, so it’s mostly dumping 8 levels into one and 1 level into another in the same column…hmm…I may not have tried all combinations of that or tried different columns/rows.

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Nope, I’ve tried fiddling with the Token 2 buyables in all sorts of ways and best I can manage is pushing Tissue forward a bit, but as there are no milestones or upgrades left to buy under Tissue then that’s not benefitting me much. ugh.

I was playing this mod more than some Triple-A games up until this wall :frowning:

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Never figured out what I’d done wrong, but conveniently there’s a custom save that literally takes me past my wall…not very satisfying, but at least I’ve not jumped ahead any further than I was trying to get anyway.


Okay, next question…I’ve reached the Organ milestone that requires 50 organs, at this point I can produce 2 Organs before my Tissue stops rising just a little way off the 3rd Organ gain.

I’ve unlocked Heart and have bought the 1st 3 upgrades.

I have 73 Token 2s

So far I’ve got up to 150 Organs by resetting every time I reach 2. My next Organ Milestone would take a very long time to reach via this method. Getting more Token 2s also seems rather far off too.

Am I missing something?

Also @pg132 not sure if there’s a bug as the 4th Heart Upgrade says it activates an autobuyer for Oligopotent, however Oligopotents are already Autobuying for me?

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Managed to get 2 more Heart upgrades that now give me passive Organs…but the game is still progressing painfully slow…or so it seems at the moment.

5k more cells, 200k more Stem Cells will get me another token, but both of those targets feel like they may take me running the mod overnight (or longer) and that doesn’t seem right to how the rest of the game has paced. or about 9 more Token 1s, but I seem to have hit my limit on earning those for now.

I’ve tried adjusting the Up and Down quarks as they are now the only Token 2 buyables that change in value, but only the Up Quark seems to have any positive effect.

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Internet has been down last few days so no progress made. However I’ve noticed an “offline production” option in the settings, but I never seem to be any further ahead. Does this option work, or is it a default PT option that may or may not work depending on the mod?

Also as this appears to be turning into a Tree of Life diary I currently foresee myself spending several days attempting to reach the next goal…which if I estimate correctly I’ll hit several at the same time.

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changing the offline production option won’t affect anything on your current session: it controls how it will, in the future, handle offline time.

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Its on by default, was just curious if it was likely to do anything…obviously turning it off won’t, but if its on already then the offline production is so nerfed then it may as well be off…or it just doesn’t work.

For now I think I’m heading toward 1 million OB for my Heart Organ upgrade being the next thing I can do. Within the space of about 2 hours I’ve earned 200,000ish OB…so getting there…slowly.

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