Letter notation implementation for TMT OmegaNum

I implemented PsiCubed’s letter notation for The Modding Tree OmegaNum. This implementation uses the letters E, F, G, H, and J, which goes all the way to the limit of OmegaNum.

I based this on the number formatting code for ducdat0507’s Communitree (where you can replace NumberFormating.js with this to use the implementation), but it can be used for other mods with OmegaNum too.

Letter notation implementation for TMT OmegaNum

Letter notation resources:


I made a new version of the format code that is now independent from TMT. In addition, an ExpantaNum version now exists, which uses the letter K in addition to E~J.

cloudytheconqueror/letter-notation-format: Letter notation implementation for large number libraries (github.com)