Lit Guide

List is incomplete, but the in-betweens should be fairly straightforward. Typically these are just really good builds, but not the only viable ones and potentially not even optimal ones.

They are read in terms of amount of light to put in Red, Green, and Blue in that order, separated by dashes. e.g. 4-4-2 would mean 4 red, 4 green, 2 blue.

10: 4-4-2
18: 12-4-2
30: 16-9-4
31: 18-9-4
32: 19-9-4
33: 20-9-4
34: 9-21-4
35: 10-21-4
36: 10-21-4

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Really appreciate the guide! Giving suggestions between those point like ‘put points in red’ would be helpful. At least for me, it kept seeming like I chose wrong


Quick question: What does the battery actually do?


For this I’m adding “all” as a possibility, where you put the rest of your light into the respective color. Note that if blue has “all” you should always keep it at a value that unlocks a battery, because the other values aren’t worth it (except perhaps to get secondary light).

In addition, you’ll be getting multiple light at a time, so you might go past some of these boundaries in one go, these just determine the earliest point where the switch makes sense.

108: all-36-36
121: 49-36-36
129: 49-all-25
138: 49-64-all
149: all-64-36
164: 64-64-all
174: 64-all-46
at this point decrease blue by 5 (one battery) at a time for more green as needed, don’t let it go below 36
196: 81-89-all (yes blue does go below 36 at first, but having 9 yellow is worth it)
at this point you’ll be doing long runs, get as much light as you can every time, it’ll take you to 300. there might be more optimal play after 200, but this method works, and it doesn’t take too long