Mysterious Minaret discussion

I’m Shinwmyste, author of Mysterious Minaret (MM). uh, you can talk about MM in this thread


Google’s translation of my game actually has some problems (a lot). For example, “卍” and “卐” are translated as “Swastika” and “焕” is sometimes “Huan”, sometimes “hwan” and “x mana mana”, etc.
However, just today, I found someone who can help me Anglicize MM, yeah, that’s all.


that would be nice since most of you players are gonna be english, btw there is a bug with the yellow apple (i think or after your first enemy killed) you’re max health becomes 999 instead of the effect, and getting 3 cards for every enemy seems a lot, it would be better if you get to choose only 1 of the 3, and make the gameplay more diverse than just fighting enemies, have something like a map with choices of where to go: like enemies, elite enemies, loot, shop etc…, by the way it seems that there are more utility cards than offense cards wich i think is bad it needs to be the opposite.


yeah,I have realized all this, 999hp was done when I tested the multi-language in the game, but I forgot to change it back. Now the mechanics of this game are not complete. In addition to the rougelike, I will make unique mechanics.