Number Tree: Extended

Since I got demotivated to work on The Prestige Rectangle, I wanted another project so I made this:

It’s just the Number Tree but with more content.
New stuff:

  • Negative numbers!
  • The final number buyable
  • 4 new challenges to explore and 3 infinity challenges to complete
  • sqrt(sqrt(sqrt(256)))-1 new factor challenges
  • A number upgrade that forces you to be in 3 challenges (F, UF, and I)
  • Factor shifts
  • Only for people who got 1 ???
  • a new layer?

You can import your number tree save here.


I fixed the major bug with the second meta upgrade (instead of giving an NaN it inflates, though it doesn’t change the gameplay at all) and spent 4 hours fixing grammar.

If you still find any issues with the grammar/spelling ping me.

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