Prestige Tree Classic or Rewritten

Do you think Prestige Tree Classic or Rewritten is better? Why?
I personally am more into Classic, potentially out of nostalgia since it’s the one I started with and because some parts of Rewritten just feel like you’re not really progressing for a while (I did once compare the use of softcaps to duct tape as well). Probably just a little slow for my tastes.

  • Prestige Tree Classic
  • Prestige Tree Rewritten

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I honestly enjoy PT:R more because PT:C is just very timewall-y, and this is not fun.

Also, PT:R has more content than PT:C; it gets from e280,000,000 to e1,000,000,000,000,000, which is basically +^1,000.

EDIT: It’s ee15, not e15e15 lmao my bad.

But PT:R goes up to e3.14e16

Overall I’d say I prefer Rewritten - its early-mid game (mostly rows 1-5) is much more interesting than Classic’s (most notably, the Hindrances are a lot more interesting).

I found the endgame of both versions to be less enjoyable. I’m not a fan of Nebula, and most of Rewritten’s v1.3 content feels like a slog, but Classic’s mastery brick section was an exercise in guide-following if memory serves, so it balances out.