PTR: New Game/ [ROW 5 (WIP)]

Well, looks like I managed to make a somewhat enjoyable PT:R mod.
When I say PT:R mod, I don’t mean something like Incrementreeverse or Prestige Chain, I mean an actual modification of PT:R.

That’s right! Introducing the SE- errrrr- THIRD PT modification titled "New Game/"
cough cough old ng/

for those that still want to play old NG/, you can go there

In NG/, every buff, effect or value that’d grant some progress to the player has been divided by 2. However, as per tradition, it contains new layers to assist you in progressing (and having fun while at it, hopefully). It may be not the best, but achievements tend to act quirky at night-

Endgame: Reaching Quirk Layer

Patches: Fixed 5th and 15th NG/ achievements, 2nd Omega Level requirement and made it compatible with PTR save files (i think)


[ROW 4-ish UPDATE]

Changelog: Not much has been changed except for some extra SCAB buyables that’ve been missing for… balancing reasons.

-Each and every SCAB buyables have their cool names that fit into SCAB abbreviation
-More achievements and upgrades
-Out of order progression? (???)
-Some QoL content (NG/ Endgame display, toggable button that shows available NG/ layers)


Patches: SCAB Super Generator showing up despite SG not being unlocked yet

“Mobile Pain :b:-gone” QoL and Changelog:
-Added PPP buyable that does all 3 things at once
-Shrank SCAB and Paradox buyables in hopes that it won’t look as awkward for mobile players
-Rebalanced Row 4 and made things less painful for mobile players in general

Please check Settings in Main Options to make NG/ Layers show up at tree tab


[MAGIC AND BALANCE UPDATE] (I published it due my laptop acting funky lately in fear that i’d have to redo QoL features)

Changelog: Mostly consists of QoL. To be more precisely…

-Annihilate Hotkey has been added
-You can sell and buy max SCAB buyables
-Pushed the endgame much further than initially expected
-No images for 5th row of NG/ layers, sadly
-Fixed a couple of misfortuntes and tomfooleries (4th secret achievement having html elements and quirk improvements requiring twice the amount of quirk energy)


Plans for the next update:
-Making some sort of layer generator for Hyper Prestige layer
-Extending NG/ up to Honor (or earlier, depending on what layers i’m planning to add)
-Updating TMT, one day. Probably never. Don’t get your hopes up for this one.