Really bad titles

There is prestigied, so why not…

Booster-give a total of 200 likes on different posts
Generator-make 200 posts, you are now immune to spam

Timed-have your message take atleast 10 days to get chosen as a solution
Enhancer-make 200 posts and give 200 likes on different posts
I need some Space to think-have your post take atleast 308 days to get its first reply

Super Booster!- give a total of 500 likes on different posts, you can now double like
Super Generator!-make 500 posts what the fu-

Quirk-make 25 posts in each category (and subcategory)
Hinder came-have 25 posts in shenanigans all be automatically closed after 7 days

Solar-have your post take 154 days to get its first reply and 154 more days for another reply
Subspaced-make your post have 10 replies in one day

Magical-have atleast 100 likes on your reply and 10 different reactions
Balanced-have exactly 10 replies, 10 likes, 10 reactions, in your message for exactly 10 days

Phantom-reply your own post 10 times and have them not have any replies from any other user for 100 days

Honoured-have all the titles before this one be completed, you are now a mod

A beautiful Nebula and Hyper spaced-requires Honoured title, have your post take atleast 100 days for each reply for 10 replies, you can choose one, if you want to have both you will have to double the requirement

Imperial- I don’t know what to put here anymore :space_invader:

True Mastery- placeholder :space_invader:

[some names that just can’t fit here]

Energized- placeholder :space_invader:

[I don’t know how to make a neurons title lol]

Full of Ideas- placeholder :space_invader: (I am not full of ideas rn)

[more names I can’t think of titles pls help]

We live in a Civilization where everyone is dumb-make a post in shenanigans have 100 replies (And get closed in 7 days)

I would be closest to getting phantom I have the most replies on my own thing and the only two other replies from other people lol