Reviews For The Periodic Table Tree

So basically this is like what ajchen did with The Tree Of Forum except in a review format. I will be adding each review into the review layer in the actual game. (This is probably going to be hell in practice but whatever). The format is relaxed, just have a comment + rating out of 5 stars. If you want, you can have fun with it, that means serious, semi-serious and non-serious reviews are all welcomed. Happy… reviewing?


okay I guess I’m the first one to put this in this post so umm…
I like the game design and how each layer is different from the last but the nitrogen minigame could be improved. Right now you can’t have help and the minigame open at the same time (unless you open a new tab). Also the help page is really confusing, I don’t really get how it’s supposed to work/what it means. As for the rating I think the game is interesting, but the minigame needs some work and because I should stop my rambling I will say the rating is umm… (insert thinking face here) 4.5/5. I also like the layer animations and particles. And I guess this is the end of my review… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …?
also note the review is pretty terrible but ehh… who cares…


I think the game is good, but after carbon layer it starts to get very confusing. (4 star)


5/5 stars

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Elements go in order :slight_smile: but uhhh, this game could get Sodium Uranium Sodium (5/5, but don’t put the elements into its shorten form…)

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yu-gi-oh GIF

yu-gi-oh GIF

shocked yu-gi-oh GIF

i was shock at the details like they were and proud of the team work used so this earn my 100% stars
5/5 stars

i rate this game a 4 in star

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why 4 stars

Do not question a review my friend. Let it stand as it is.

are you going to add that “review” in game? XD

Well where’s the comment portion of the review? Is it the videos?

yes, although their comment is just an abridged version. The full review is the entire first season of yu gi oh

Look at it again

Wow. I’m at a loss for words. I have been nonstop playing this game for 65 hours straight without stopping. It has taken over my life. To the creator, I don’t know who you are but I just want to say thank you for creating this masterpiece :pray:. If you haven’t played this game you are making a grave mistake. It will change your life in ways you can not believe. Honestly, I tend to be a harsh critic but truthfully, this game is a certified 5/5. Please, please, PLEASE play this game If u have not.


Not bad tree, but i dont like the concept of Helium layer. 3/5 stars

If the prestige tree and geocities circa 1997 had a baby, this would be it. π/5 stars

so cool i rate this Ω/5

didn’t like carbon layer. 4.7/5

-1 because no more elemental tree
-1 for the one time it stopped working and had to use save
+1 for actually having saves

7.5/10 good game