RNG tree seed log

Ello, I’m going to be cataloging decent RNG tree seeds
1271941: VERY good, j has tons of upgrades
9262007: h has a good upgrade, a bit tedious but good
I will add more in the replies.


4 is surprisingly good, I’m gonna try to get row 3

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I did a livestream of me playing like 20 RNG Trees, and the best seed I got was 2260. The very first layer was very powerful but unfortunately the 2nd row isn’t very good.

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SuperSpruce I really like incremental games

@SuperSpruce dude I actually found your channel I like it

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The best seed I found was #333.

Appears the game stops at tier 5. While it might seem slow at first it’s the only seed I found that actually scales faster and faster each prestige. Once you get to tier 3, ignore the others but o. o has the single most powerful upgrade in the seed for sure. And tier 4 has an upgrade I’ve only seen in it! It divides the requirement of a tree by X. I got to tier 5 in a day, so it’s quite fast! Good Luck!

Note: if anyone finds out what tree “1” (on tier 5) does, let me know! I didn’t want to regrind again to find out.

youtube channel name?

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14 is very good,the 1st row is OP and the 2nd row makes 1st row better
(I reached row 3)

oh ok

Can rng trees have milestones? Without automation it gets tedious.

I have a better idea. Instead of searching for seeds in the game, why not look at how seeds are generated and devise a seed based off of how they generate to find the best seed, or create a bot that loads every seed, and then exports the code. Then, you can collect all the codes, and decode them, and then filter through the codes for certain things you want to see in the seed you want to play (e.g 5 point starts, lots of upgrades in the first layer, or powerful upgrades).

I think taking a minecraft seed finding approach to how the game works is better than just loading random seeds and hoping.

Minecraft seed finders use programs to run through millions of seeds to search for specific qualities, why can’t we do that here? If we can figure out how the game generates seeds, then we can code a robot that generates the seeds for us and runs millions of seeds at once and gives us the ones with certain qualities we pick.

That way, instead of 1 seed per 5 minutes, we get 1 seed per like 800 nanoseconds.

Actually, better yet, think of this! Make a github repository and just steal the seed generating code from the game and have it print out what the game would have spat out and you can devise the seed from that instead of retyping the code from scratch

We could mathematically find the perfect seed!

Also, has anyone tried removing the seed cap (999999999) so we can find seeds that don’t exist in the original? I see no issue with generating numbers up to 2^63-1.

I will look at the code and try to figure out how the game generates seeds and if I can think of numbers based on how it functions

The code that generates layers:
function createLayers() {
let seed = getSeed();
let layersForEffects = [[“NONE”]];
for (let r=1;r<=RNG_DATA.rows;r++) {
let layersInRow = RNG_DATA.layers(r);
for (let l=1;l<=layersInRow;l++) {
let rand = random(seedrandom(rl));
let layerName = RNG_DATA.chars[Math.floor(randRNG_DATA.chars.length)];
RNG_DATA.chars = RNG_DATA.chars.filter(x => x!=layerName);
let baseResNum = (r==1?0:Math.floor(rand
let baseResName = (baseResNum==0?“”:Object.keys(ROW_LAYERS[r-1])[baseResNum-1]);
let layerType = r==1?“normal”:RNG_DATA.types[Math.floor(rand*RNG_DATA.types.length)];
let layerReq;
if (baseResName==“”) layerReq = RNG_DATA.rowReqs[r].times(rand+0.5)
else {
if (layers[baseResName].type==“static”) layerReq = RNG_DATA.rowReqs[r].root(layers[baseResName].exponent).log(layers[baseResName].base).times(rand+0.5)
else layerReq = RNG_DATA.rowReqs[r].pow(layers[baseResName].exponent).times(rand+0.5).times(2)

Status Update

Current Highest Point Gain: e31000~
Current Highest Row: Full Seed Clear
Current Best Row Amount: 10s (1e46 o & 1,000,000~ E)
Total Time: 3d 15h

@CatPrinceHQ status effect might be milestones maybe we could tweak that code to make it milestones appear then we can easily get to it higher levels.

huh, neat.

366 is a very good ID it only takes 160 days to reach 200 different prestiges

I get this post is rather old, but I feel it still is useful. Anyhow, Seed 32678 was rather good, but I’m still exploring it further. Little tip; Reset seeds until you get one with over 1.6 points per second, then use the console to check if there are any good upgrades on layer 2 and 3 and maybe even 4 to see if progressing further is possible. If it is, log it here or somewhere else, and try to run as far into it as possible legitimately. (Also yes, I’m replying from my school account, that’s why I’m forced to use my real name.)

Just wrote up a janky yet functional script that should unlock and set all layers, allowing for easier reviewing of seeds. Just paste it into console, set the amount you want, then pray it doesn’t error. It isn’t great since I’m no coder myself, but I hope it gets the job done.

let amount = "1e3003" // note this is a string for values above 1e308 or so.
for (let name of Object.values(player)) {
    if (typeof(name) == "object" && name["points"]) {
        name.points = new Decimal(amount)
        name.unlocked = true