Some fun incremental games

Universal shrinker Universe Shrinker idle mine remix Idle Mine: Remix / Universe Time

The first two things are very good games for grinding (unless you have an auto clicker but only for the second one) and then the next one is a tree a very good one which has multiple things starting with the original prestige tree and then it goes to the stardust tree but I’m not going to spoil anymore universe time this one’s a little interesting now even though this is non-Christian and I am Christian it is still pretty good the only really part that makes it non-Christian is the time stamp you have to reach 13 billion years well in Christianity because of Adam and Eve and all that well we know the universe actually started in 4,004 BC so yeah

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Uhhhhh… How is this actually going kind of viral since you guys I wasn’t expecting more than 10 on a link but no comments this is seriously weird I’m posting a lot more than I thought oh my gosh

@Raylan_Helton almost 50 clicks on each link is this just how popular things can get or like is this abnormal can someone actually tell me like this is weird

In fact number five if you just look up the word incremental so maybe that’s why

Now where is my badge

my first badge on my first link how this is honestly insane

20 days 100 clicks

120! Hooray

@Raylan_Helton that was to get past the limit

I guess you don’t like clicking ok but I think it’s (TPT) almost about that.

150! Thank you I never thought I would get to this level

In fact thepaperpilot even responded Yes one of the developers(?)

232 I’m famous!