Some fun incremental games

Universe shrinker destroy the universe multiverse megaverse and more
Universe Shrinker idle mine remix mine the entire universe! Idle Mine: Remix a game where you can explore multiple different trees and not one / the new link because it has been moved a similar game to rebuild the universe but it instead you have to progress the universe through Time Universe Time rebuild the universe a game about well rebuilding the universe distance incremental how far can you go Distance Incremental his other games universal paper clips destroy the universe… With paper clips! control a soccer or football team if you’re from Europe or really any other part of the world except the US and make tons of money travel to different countries as well because why not Idle Football Manager and of course you cannot forget the classic cookie clicker Cookie Clicker
Clock clicker Clock Clicker 🕹️ Play on CrazyGames INFLATION that’s it that’s all I have to say seriously the inflation is insane but somehow I never got to NaN and Roblox because Roblox has to have incremental games like seriously it does push the square a very short but addicting incremental game Push the square by Raul Moreno Tamayo

Uhhhhh… How is this actually going kind of viral since you guys I wasn’t expecting more than 10 on a link but no comments this is seriously weird I’m posting a lot more than I thought oh my gosh

@Raylan_Helton almost 50 clicks on each link is this just how popular things can get or like is this abnormal can someone actually tell me like this is weird

In fact number five if you just look up the word incremental so maybe that’s why

Now where is my badge

my first badge on my first link how this is honestly insane

20 days 100 clicks

120! Hooray

@Raylan_Helton that was to get past the limit

I guess you don’t like clicking ok but I think it’s (TPT) almost about that.

150! Thank you I never thought I would get to this level

In fact thepaperpilot even responded Yes one of the developers(?)

232 I’m famous!

that fact is false, the universe started 13.8 BILLION years ago

It’s now new and revised with more incremental games


My favorite mineral in Idle Mine: Remix

Yeah that one is pretty cool I like it too

It’s good to see that I’m already getting some traffic about an hour

By your way if you want to recommend one you can just make a reply :slight_smile:

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Should we revive this Yes well I don’t know what we should do I guess it just commented to try revive this I don’t know LOL and no just means do nothing