Starting Over

Hi, it’s randomtuba. You probably haven’t heard from me in a while.
That’s because I abandoned Tuba’s Tree Rewritten. And, after a bit of thinking, I’ve decided to begin again. I feel like TT:R was trying to be too much at once, and a lot of the mechanics felt redundant and some became irrelevant quickly (like Buildings and Tokens). So, I’m going to redo the progression of the game, to make it simpler and to make all of the mechanics more meaningful. There will still be mechanics branching off of the tree, but Buildings will be removed, and Tokens will be remade entirely. I will also try to minimize on the use of softcaps and make every prestige layer have a purpose (that means Prestige will receive its own mechanic!). I hope you can all accept me starting over the development of this game.

When an eventual update for TT:R releases, reset your save file if it hasn’t been reset already.