The Baba Tree

A mod I made with layers based off community members from Baba Is You! v0.1 was just released.

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Do you want to send the link here and/or ask to be added to the mod creator group?


@janKikili please send the link

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yes yes

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Please share the link of The Baba Tree.


The link above is the baba tree.

thats… the chants of sennaar tree.

That is not The Baba Tree that you were sharing, so this definitely is The Chants of Sennar Tree

  1. This game was the baba tree before.
  2. The dev for this game was the same dev as the dev of the baba tree.

I found the real baba tree!
it’s broken badly though

Proof it’s real is on the base page FYI, go to and set the language to English (Unless you’re able to read Toki Pona.)
You’ll see it’s listed there with a broken thing.

The site doesn’t exist though.

? It does

Oh and the english, since again, default is Toki Pona.
Look what it says on the Baba Tree line

I meant that baba tree link doesn’t work.

so what happened was i changed the topic and also i kinda quit modding, the chants of sennaar tree is the correct one