The Camellia Tree Discussion

Link: The Camellia Tree

Making a discussion for my mod (The Camellia Tree). Talk about it here, and give feedback here too, such as bugs, inflation, and other stuff.

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Everything equation is definitely a problem I mean it could work now you could balance on inflation what I know in two ways just telling you down how good proxyism and other stuff are adding soft caps I mean of course and also hardcops those are definitely very important things now the other main way you could balance this out is just adding more stuff like you know you can have it fast at first and then have it slow down until it remains up like a constant I think that wouldBe the best cuz it’s like really fast at first and then it’s kind of like so low to show that aliens are going to beless and less and maybe even have something like the original and we written prestige tree by combining them