The Camellia Tree

v0.1: A New Beginning…

My First Mod! Link:
Endgame is Unlocking Paroxysm Layer, also in change log.
Mostly Made by me (Halloweeb#4371), CSS done by Flustix#5433
Tell me if the mod breaks and please show what happened that broke the mod.
Hope you Enjoy.


v0.2: Cametek Discord Server opened!? :wobbers:

Added a New Layer.
Added 2 Song upgrades and 4 Paroxysm Upgrades and Milestones.
Fixed a Softlocking Problem.
Added Paroxysm Buyables.
Added endgame under Points.
Endgame: 1 Member.

Link: The Camellia Tree or The Camellia Tree (more up to date).
Hope you enjoy! Please tell me if there are any bugs.