The Communitree!

I made a Prestige Tree mod about Prestige Tree mods.

Play it here:
>>> <<<

Le features:

  • Very large numbers (the current endgame number is as large as 10↑↑↑10↑10↑800 !!!)
  • Gameplay has a lot of variety
  • Some pretty deep layers (there’s 5 of them and counting)
  • Does not depend on other people making art for me for free please, I need art for The Prestreestuck
  • A few hidden easter eggs
  • Uses the same Discord server as my Homestuck one why am i doing this
  • I need to actually start working on my mods again

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The Communitree v0.4.2

It’s been a month, isn’t it?
(oh yeah, school started, so development will be slower now)


  • Added the Giftcode tab in the despacit creator layer. This is basically my first attempt at making a text adventure. please send help
  • Added a notation system. Now you can change your preferred way of expressing numbers using a bunch of pre-crafted notations!
  • Attempted to optimize the game by disabling inactive modder layers.
  • Bumped endgame to 10↑↑↑10↑10↑800.