The Experimental Tree (Inactive)

The Experimental Tree

Current Version: v2.3
Current Endgame: 1e115,600 Infects
Average Playtime: 3-4 Hours
There is 1 Secret Achievement (I wonder what devSpeed is…)
More Achievements will be added in v2.4~
Happy Experimenting! (it’s the CT Layer on Row 5…it.that a vorona reference?!! )
(Check Changelog for update information!)
If you encounter any NaN’s or bugs, please message me so I can see what the issue is, Thanks!

Game Link:


v3.0: Metaful Lane

  • Added 2 More Layers
  • Added more Distortion Content
  • Refixed 2 Distortion Upgrade Bugs
  • Refixed 2 Obfuscation Bugs
  • Refixed 3 Weapon Bugs
  • Refixed Distortion Text
  • Readjusted ‘Distortion Rows 2 & 3’ Catagory
  • Refixed ‘R3alIz@ti0n’ Challenge slightly.
  • Refixed Distortion causing inflation
  • Refixed ‘Hallway C’ Cost & Effect
  • Readjusted Positions for Bars in ‘Distortion Rows 2 & 3’
  • Moved Achievements to another area; I.e Hoverbox (Achievement Icon)
  • Fixed 3 Achievements
  • Refixed 2 Milestones
  • Added ‘Crediting’
  • Added ‘Inspired By’
  • Refixed CSS slightly
  • Refined Pre-Timeline 3 Gameplay
  • Fixed Endgame Bug
  • Readjusted Mobile Mode
  • Made Mobile Mode easier to navigate.
  • Fixed Obfuscation Bug in an CT Challenge.
  • Fixed 19 other bugs or issues causing disruption or either game resetting.
  • Fixed devSpeed at later parts of the game.
  • Added Settings Link in Changelog for bug purposes/ Mobile Mode
  • Refixed 4th Distortion Upgrade
  • Fixed 1 Random Upgrade Effect causing higher balancing.
  • Fixed 2 Bugs Concluding Mobile Mode
  • Readjusted Text for Mobile & Desktop Mode
  • Introduction to Buyables & Cap Breakers
  • Endgame: 7th Meta-Experiment Milestone (Timeline 3)

If you find any bugs please ping me on the discord or message me on here!

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