The Exponent Tree

A mod that is about exponent boosting and some boosting.

You can play it here.

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Version v0.0.2 Alpha

  • There is a spoiler alert in Changelogs.
  • Added more Exponent and Orb Upgrades
  • Added Orbics
  • Pushed the endgame to 24 orbs
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Version v0.0.3 Alpha

  • Added Willy, which can be fed with Cookies.
  • Obrics are finished and added Zirconium, Rhenium and more.
  • Hassium can now slow down your Orbs gain when you reach 31 of them.
  • More content is added, such as more exponent and orbs upgrades
  • Pushed the endgame to 1,000 cookies.
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Version v0.0.4 Alpha

  • Fixed a bug where you will get more than 1F100 cookies in Exponent Upgrade 61.
  • Added a new Orbic.
  • Added Poachers.
  • Patching bugs that cause the production to be incredibly high.
  • Added more Exponent and Orb upgrades.

I just have launched the bug report into the form of Google, Do not report a bug if you didn’t found any bugs or you didn’t play the game.

You can report bugs here.

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Version v0.0.5 Alpha

  • Added more Poachers content, such as Reincarnations, upgrades and more.
  • Added new Poachers Challenges.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing a specific key doesn’t reset the specified layer and give the currency.
  • There is more content added, and some content is changed
    • Carsons are added.
    • Something is more added, but can’t tell what more is added.
  • 3rd Orb Milestone doesn’t buy max Orbs anymore, This is requested by M_U_G_E_N.
  • Added a Rhenium lore and her lecture, Probably this doesn’t make any sense.
  • There might be bugs that can damage the production or display NaN bug.
  • Pushed endgame to 2,500,000 Reincarnated Poachers.
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Version v0.0.5.1 Alpha

  • Fixed a bug where Poachers prestige button won’t display.
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Version v0.0.6 Alpha Part I

Sorry if I haven’t made any major changes for almost a month but I was able to make the update.
Warning, the upgrades ingame may display lies, which are just incomplete stuff.

  • Added Sectors which can be completed by just beating Smash Rhenium.
  • More changes.
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