The Gaming Tree guide

yes this is another guide i just made

link here
(if you can’t play, reload the page by pressing F5)

(starter tip: you can just click attack button, and then hold Enter key!)
first, kill 5 slime, and buy a upgrade. at 10 kill, slime lv will increase and gets more hp, also gives more exp.
once you buy 9th upgrade, you will unlock 2 more layers. Level and items. because exp is hardcapped at 12.5k, just get any of them, grind back.
then now unlock other layer.
(items is more better for first.)
and if you kill 1k slimes,
you get bosses layer and you will enter challenge, slime hp is multiplied by 5, and you unlock another layer called ‘Mining’, and grind on it.
im not updating this.