The Normal(ity) Tree (Inactive)

Seems pretty normal…right?

Try it out if your that bored lol

Game Link:

Do you have 5 hours?


Even more normal stuff…

  • Added 3 Layers (Another Type of Layer)
  • Moved All ‘Prestige’ and ‘Booster’ Content to Side-Layer (Also Info about the three types)
  • Fixed 4 Milestones
  • Adjusted 2 Milestones
  • Fixed 1st Booster Layer giving inflated points which caused the game into heavy inflation
  • Endgame Pushed to 50 Golden Prestige Points
    Game Link:

Do you have another 5 hours?

Normal Normal Normal…Wait is this a normal chain?

  • Added 4 Layers
  • Fixed playerinfo.js without bugs on opening the Node
  • Fixed eP & gP slightly.
  • Added Generator Upgrades for later use.
  • Endgame: 70 Juggling Prestige Points

Can you use another 5 hours?

Ascending Normality

  • Added Ascension
  • Fixed 3 Milestones
  • Readjusted iP & cB slightly.
  • Added 3 Scalers
  • Endgame: 150 Ascension Points

Start Ascension from this hellish normality.