The Periodic Table Tree

Fair warning, could be rough around the edges. Progression isn’t always upwards and there is very little idle time near the start. Anyway, game link: The-Periodic-Table-Tree

Edit: “near the start.”


1.2v: Lithium Part 1.
Cleaning up my act and encore?

  • Rebalancing
  • Improved phrasing
  • New layer

1.3v: Lithium Part 2.
More idle less active.
The Periodic Table Tree

  • More content on newest layer
  • QoL features

If you get the rarest stat, let me know; Or if you find bugs I guess.


1.4v: Beryllium
Hot and Cold, Good and Bad, Idle and Active
The Periodic Table Tree

Also, what’s with the whole :japanese_ogre: thing?


1.4.5v: Boron V1
Shorter update, animations and stuff.
The Periodic Table Tree

I don’t understand ya’ll.


1.5v: The Workshop
Finished Boron layer + Funky particles + gwa (you’ll know it when you see it)
The Periodic Table Tree

That’ll do pig, that’ll do.


1.6v: Carbon
I hope you find my agony pleasurable.
The Periodic Table Tree
Special layer for a special element.

1.6.5v: Nitrogen V1
Going on vacation so don’t expect an update soon nor bug fixes.
Is there possibly a significance to what you guys emote?

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1.6.7v: Nitrogen V1.1
No new content but major bug fixes. Next update will be big. Mobile players, switch to low quality mode or else…

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1.7v: Nitrogen V2
This is what you polled for, I hope you’re happy with yourselves.

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1.7.1v: Nitrogen V2.1
Confused? Never fear, hints are here. Help tab is also improved. Sorry for the confusion. (No promises that there won’t be more).

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1.8v: The Vault
Final major update. Report any bugs to The Periodic Table Tree channel.