The Prestreestuck

Yes, Homestuck.

Welcome to The Prestreestuck, probably the worst TPT mod you’ll ever played, or not, because you probably won’t play this game in the first place.

I don’t know why I’m doing this but here we are.
I’m starting to regret making this.

Play it here:
>>> <<<

Le features:

  • It’s a Homestuck fangame, god dang it
  • 18 layers.
  • Arbitrary high numbers, definitely larger than numbers found in anywhere in the entire MSPA franchise, but not larger than numbers in True Infinity or my other mod.
  • It’s still a Homestuck fangame, deal with it
  • A few hidden things and easter eggs, here and there.
  • We have an MSPFA port, kinda.
  • Homestuck. Not Homestuck. What?
  • Insane amount of teypoes and grammaer errors.
  • Inaccessible text. Inaccessible text everywhere.

for lawyers: this is a non-commercial parody project, please don’t sue us
p.s. we need free art, this sounds like choosing beggars, but remember, we can’t make money off this


I made a Skaia rewrite

since I’m not quite satisfied with it, you can play it here (it’s on a different branch since it’s WIP):

oh and btw, if you’re asking about Act 1, our only artist is having real life stuff so… :slightly_frowning_face:


Update v0. is here!

Play it here:
>>> <<<


  • We did a little trolling

Note: if you can’t handle the trollage you can play on the Skaia rewrite link instead:
>>> <<<