The Space Tree

This topic is for the TMT mod “The Space Tree”.
The goal for this mod is to have no Upgrades.
Game Link:

v0.1: Give Me Some Space

  • Added the S layer.
  • Added 5 buyables.

v0.1.1: Space Dust

  • Rebalanced S layer.
  • Added the D layer.
  • Added 4 new currencies.
  • Added 8 buyables.

Since the S layer was rebalanced, a save at 38 space energy (about to get 39th) is in #tubas-trees in the Modding Tree Discord server.

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v0.1.2: Spacebar

  • Added a new mechanic for the S layer.
  • Added 3 milestones.
  • Added 6 achievements.
  • Primary and Secondary Space Buildings now show their bases in their descriptions.
  • Made changelog look nicer.

Sorry for the long wait. This is a small update, and it is more active than the previous ones. The next update will finally add Row 2 (Solarity and Subspace).

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