The Upgrade Tree

The Upgrade Tree is a tree mod which is harder and requires players to think more.
However, a wrong set of upgrades usually only makes the timewall longer, instead of blocks your progression.
There may be some bugs after translating this game from Chinese to English, feel free to report bugs in its github: Issues · QwQe308/the-upgrading-tree · GitHub
Thanks for playing my game!
The English version might be seperated, because some lag problems.
-Chinese Developer QwQe308

Current Version:v1.01. (Last Updated Time: 2022-08-12)


  • Translated v1.0 content into English.


  • Added Universe 2.
  • Added Universe Meta.
  • Added Two rows of U2 upgrades and a row of U-Meta upgrades.
  • Made the v0.5 content easier.


  • Translated v0.5 content into English.
  • Added a QoL for GU35.


  • More Upgrades!Now row 5 U upgrades is out!
  • Further more G upgrades,and these upgrades are hard to unlock!
  • New NG- mode!
  • New C-3 Challenge!


  • Fixed A node’s bug while translating.
  • Added “Do ‘A’ Force Reset” button for anyone who don’t want to reset U upgrades.
  • Added some information in English mode.

v0.51 is out!Now v0.5 new content is translated :smiley:


v1.01 is out! However, as my school started, The development after v1.01 will be much slower.