The YouTube Tree

A TMT mod that is based on YouTube, which you can grind for videos.

Current endgame: 8 Videos
You can play it here.

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Version v0.2 Alpha

  • Added vidIQ, Money and Automation
  • Extended the endgame to $500 dollars.
  • Added a news ticker. Don’t tell me that I copied the news ticker that appears in The Plague Tree.
  • Added YouTube Academy
  • You can earn reveune by getting 1,500 subscribers and purchasing the upgrade.
  • Other balances made to the game.

Version v0.3 Alpha

  • Added Trophies (layer) and Content
  • Extended the endgame to 1e20 Trophies.
  • Added a new news message
  • Released 2 more new YouTube Academies.
  • Added 6 new vidIQ Upgrades
  • Trophies can now be gained upon getting the first Trophy Upgrade once completing the 4th YouTube Academy.
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Version v0.4 Alpha

  • Added Play Buttons
  • Added 7 new Trophy Upgrades
  • Added 4 new vidIQ Upgrades
  • Made a change that all vidIQ challenges will have a max of 3 completions.
  • Balanced up to 1e805 Trophies
  • Added 2 new News Message
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Version v0.4.1 Alpha (Small Change)

  • You can now report bugs with a layer that has a symbol of a ladybug (:lady_beetle:)
  • Added 1 News message which is incredibly long.
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Version v0.4.2 Alpha (Small Change)

  • Termination does not apply Community Guidelines Training. (people think its a bug where you cant get points upon unlocking this challenge and then entering it)
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Version v0.4.3 Alpha (Small Challenge)

  • Termination only does multiply points gain by 1.5 upon completion
  • Challenge 13 in completion unlocks Trophy layer
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