So, this day has finally come. TMT Multiplayer v.1 (Gordon) (Yes, I will name the versions after characters from games/book/movies/etc).
This mod’s purpose is to make competitive Incremental Game. For now it has only the Original TPT as a map, but I will make more.
Few thing to note:

  1. If you reset page using F5, you will lost connection to lobby.
  2. The minimum number of player is 1 (host), and game will make sure of that, even if you put negative number.
  3. No winning condition, you have to just agree with other players to which point you play.
  4. Other players points update every 1 sec.
  5. Game speed x10

Plans for future update (there will be, at least I hope):

  1. Mana based skill system to not copy TPT and add nothing to it (and to make some kind of connection with other players).
  2. Leaderboard.
  3. Authentication of some sort to make leaderboard possible.
  4. Teams.
  5. Chat.

That’s all. Hope you will find some fun in this mod. (For now it’s mostly prototype, and TPT with more players)
Here’s link:


v2 (Ezio)

  1. Update was not called


  1. PvP mechanic as spell system
  2. Global and lobby chat
  3. Decreased network usage