Tree of Gate (Tree of Old Memory)

The third tree that i made.

This tree is short and might not that fun, And actually, I didn’t make it for fun!
Here is the story behind this tree.

Next phase
Of this post
Contain sadness
Think before scroll down

There was an time, i was interest in an program game witch you can… program.
Although it is ment to be an helper for player to make an 2d platform game (like roblox) , it still provide a lot of function that can do a lot of thing

and then, one day
I suddenly came with an idea
“What if I made an incremental game in that game?”
and so, I start to walk the way that no one have walked

Unlike JS or any other program language, that was an programming game
So it have broken function and the number is capped at near 1e38
Imagine an incremental game that end at 1e38? UNACCEPTABLE FOR ME
I need to fix that before mine greatest plan start

After an year of trying and programming, i successfully make broken break_eternity in that game BEFORE i know it exist.

I was happy.
I was float into entertament.

Until I realize, A SOLID YEAR have passed, and others player already made some idle game with 1e38 cap.

I was shocked.
I was float into depressed.

So I abandon that idea, and leave the game forever.

I still can remember that feeling today
the feeling of tiredness and frustrated.

So i make this mod, to give up and let it go.