Tree of Life help (C minigame)

Need some help/advice for Tree of Life, currently stuck on C (the slot machine minigame). I’m no longer gaining any significant amount of C with my rolls, I’m stuck at e3397 (as of writing this post), and not even rolling quadruple symbols does anything of note.
I have 52 tokens, and the next one costs 1.0e774,000 LP (which I’m nowhere near). I have ALL Hydrogen, Oxygen & Carbon upgrades so far. My synchronized token level amount is 15, and I have all possible Coin upgrades. I’ve double and triple checked, I’m pretty sure I have everything I can possible get in the game so far.
So… am I really just expected to wait it out with C? Or is there something I’m missing? I’m already not quite fond of C as a whole, it being luck based kinda throws the rest of the game out of whack. But is there something I’m missing or something I’m doing wrong? Please let me know.