Finally working on this again, after…what, nine months or so?

I’ve brought the existing version up to date, and it can still be found on
Any existing saves will be wiped, but there’s no new content on this link.

I’ve started development on another branch, and that can be found here:
Note that this is an ongoing/development build - the content within is NOT finished.
Most notably, large portions of the lore/flavour text just don’t exist yet, and so some of the clues/task descriptions are a bit direct. If you play TQ for the story (lol) this isn’t the build for you, but there should be one coming Soon™


v0.2.1 Historia (DEV) has now been pushed to the dev branch. Short update this time, it’s 5/6 layers serving as a quick prologue (and hopefully a slightly more intuitive way to get used to the buyable task system).
Usual disclaimers apply - content may not be finished, etc. but it is possible to complete.
It can be found here:
The new content is at the start of the game, so you’ll need to hard reset to get to it (again, sorry!)


v0.2.1 (Historia) has now been released on the main github link.

For those that have played the dev version:
-This doesn’t add new gameplay content, just flavour text/descriptions.
-Your dev-version saves will be incompatible - if you’ve played the release version before you may be prompted to hard reset, please do so. :slight_smile:

For those that have NOT played the dev version:
-new content have fun wheeeee

As always, any feedback is appreciated (I’m in both TMT servers or reachable on discord directly).