TToF Season 2: Vote Area

Add a new theme lol
(also make the effects for future potato unlocks hidden until the respective potato types are unlocked)

Add hotkeys for toggling between growing/deleting potatoes.

Add chance description (such as “50% chance for this to be grown”, or “Evolves from X potato”) next to the potato effect. If it has not been unlocked yet, the chance description should say “Has not been unlocked yet” or hide the potato description.

Add different zones for the potato war mechanic, like in Trimps. Each zone has a certain amount of enemies, and each enemy gives some kind of loot. At the end of each zone, there could be some unlock. Also please make Potato War the last mechanic for the potato layer. Way too many trees nowadays have like 2 or 3 layers in them with so much content between them, and it’s annoying that it doesn’t even look like a tree.

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Eternity Tree, but ttof2(Time Theorems of 2) :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll:


Make a Mystery Minaret in the tree (again) :troll:


ok 3 people must able to make it this time

Add territory control

Period Ended!

Since Ajchen slept again, I will post this to spilt suggestion.

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No mannal chosen because 4 suggestion already.

we will start to make this hell now

I could try, but there’s a 90% chance I’m busy or I’m procrastinating.

potato gun

Allow us to get “lesser baked potatoes” by using a bake feature in the farm. Baked versions of each potato has less stats than the potatoes found in the farm. But take up no space. You can’t bake baby potatoes. Maybe you unlock it in the potato war?

it could be better.
Planting things in a specific way could merge into something special, instead of that.


this could be merged into a ‘potato tower’, which takes only 1 place but giving more buffs.