TToF Season 2: Vote Area

WE are doing this again.

The end of current period: 2023-01-09T04:00:00Z

Use :+1: and :-1: as Upvote and Downvote.
For each voting period, 4 suggest will be choosed:
The most voted and second most voted, as well as 2 best vote in our thought will added in the game.

Suggestion can be repeated, but it will have 1 downvote at beginning.
You can only give ONE suggestion per voting period.


Make this game theme is potato (what)


Make this game based only on one multiplier. (one formula)

Make this game based on a side layer that extends previous mechanics. Like a paradigm shift system.


Make this game’s theme about games.


Make this game about other realms such as heaven and hell

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Add first layer of hell… sloth, a layer full of stupid timewalls. completion increases timespeed by a ton.

Add layer ~3 layers in that blocks you from progressing unless you prestige. Prestiging that layer’s only benefit is that it won’t block you anymore, and yes, it resets all progress before it.

Period Ended!

Since this is the first period, only 1 highest and 1 choosen are selected.

Highest: (6 upvote)

Maunally choosen:

We will start to make it now.
Finished, now accepting new suggestions!

I want this again (I wont choose my own suggestion, also remind me or ajchen -1 at start)

after two extensions, unlock baked potato prestige layer

add a potato warfare layer

Add a seed packet shop to purchase different potato variants
Some ideas:

  • Winter Potatoes (Larger production mult, but slow growth time)
  • Charged Potatoes (Larger production mult and faster growth time, but smaller production mults for the potatoes adjacent to it)
  • Leafy Potatoes (No production mult, but the potatoes adjacent to it grow faster)
  • Dark Matter Potatoes (New prestige layer? :troll:)

Add a link to one potato incremental. Also go play one potato incremental.

Name tree Belarus and make new layer with avocados.

Period Ended!

Since Ajchen slept, I will post this to spilt suggestion.

Highest: (5 upvote)

Second Highest: (3 upvote)

Maunally choosen:

(From Ajchen)

(From 3^3)
We will start to make it now. (Wtf so many suggestion)

Add tomato layer or carrot layer what will be buff potato layer x² times more.:tomato::carrot:

Add demon potatos into the seed slot. As they age, they give you an annoying nerf. But if you bake them, they can be used as a great building material. To create a gate to potato hell. (That’s a surprise tool to help us later)

add Potato Alchemy.
You can merge different kinds of potatoes together to some advanced kinds.
some of these give boosts, and most of them could be a resource, making other potatoes.
some resources is consumables.

each base(gained from layers’ resources) potatoes gains at reset, and gaining formula is lg(x) or others.
static layers could be equal to the resource.

for each recipe you found, you can record them and done with a simple click. you can automate it soon(doing it a certain times or other conditions), still costing things.You can get recipes hints from upgrades too.

you can merge 2 potatoes at once.Some special recipes unlocked from other places can use more.

some of potatoes i thought:
replicanti potatoes: its number goes up Nx every second.(slowdown 1.2x every 1.8e308) (Amount merged increases N). consuming it is reduces its OoM.
anti-potatoes: can be merged with potatoes, gaining energy which gives boosts.
Or something others you can think of.

Inspired by Antimatter Dimensions, GO AND PLAY IT NOW!

Add computer seeds