Tuba's Tree Rewritten

Alright, it’s time for what you might’ve been waiting for.

Tuba’s Tree Rewritten is gonna be a thing (probably)! I’m planning to remaster Tuba’s Tree from beginning to end, with lots of new mechanics or old mechanics that have been made better!

In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the ideas I have for this rewriting, and I encourage you to suggest something to make Tuba’s Tree Rewritten better than the original.

NOTE: SPOILERS! If you haven’t completed Tuba’s Tree, you might not want to read this!

For pre-prestige, there’s gonna be six buildings! That’s right, there will be buyables that produce points for you. Also, there will be upgrades that cost points.
However, I don’t want to put all the point-related stuff outside of the tree, I want it in its own layer - the “N” layer, for Normal. However, the N layer won’t have an N currency, I just want it to have point-related stuff within it. And, I don’t know how to put upgrades in a tree node that costs a different currency than the node’s main currency. I guess that’s for me to find out.

Also, achievements will be much more important: Some of them will require strategy, and will give rewards to boost your production. You can also gain tokens from them, which I’ll explain soon!

Prestige will have just more upgrades and buyables. Prestige will also have milestones, to autobuy buildings and keep upgrades and stuff.

Ascending will have more upgrades, milestones, and buyables. Also, you’ll unlock a use for Tokens, where each achievement gives you a certain amount of a certain type of tokens.

What the heck are tokens?
There are 3 token types: Prestige, Ascension, and Transcension tokens (the 3rd type is unlocked when you transcend), and each token type does something different. Prestige tokens boost point gain and unlock new prestige buyables, and ascension tokens can be spent on Token Buyables, which require some strategy. Token Buyables unlock new upgrades for each layer (N, P, and A). And finally, transcension tokens can unlock new Challenges and Shard Generators (I’ll get to this soon!).

Transcension gives you new upgrades, milestones, and also gives you challenges, which now can be completed up to 3 times. The challenges will be a mix of old ones and new ones. Also, you can generate shards with Shard Generators, which act like dimensions. You start off with 3 unlocked, but you can get up to 3 more Shard Generators with transcension tokens, bringing the total up to 6. Shards boost points and prestige points, but also boost ascension points and transcension points with the right upgrades.

Reincarnation gives you new upgrades, milestones, challenges, and gives you 3 new mechanics: Energies, Spirits, and Shard Flavors. You now have an upgrade tree, which is where most of the Reincarnation Upgrades will be. You can buy “upgrade points” with AP, TP, and quarks. Anyway, quark energy now isn’t the only energy! You can generate 5 types of energy: Quark Energy, Lepton Energy, Boson Energy, Muon Energy, and Inflaton Energy, each type having a different effect. You can generate the later ones with more powerful Charges! There are now multiple charge bars that affect your production in different ways, similar to Corruptions. Anyway, there are also Spirits that can be bought with sacrificial gifts (generated with level 1 of any charge), and each one has a cap of 100 levels or below. There are also Shard Flavors, where you can generate one shard flavor at a time, but each flavor gives its own boost. There are blueberry, cherry, strawberry, and chocolate shards. Finally, there are Reincarnation Challenges, which can be completed up to 10 times, and require strategy with the upgrade tree.

What’s Next?
There’s obviously gonna be more stuff added, but I’m going to keep future content secret. All I will say is that Super-Prestige will be removed, there will be a 5th prestige layer, and the tree won’t just be a chain anymore.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and feel free to suggest mechanics!



make a layer for achievements
with upgrades

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I believe you should do the following if you want a GOOD rewritting and remastering.
Make the game less repetitive. If the Ascension Points are going to be the literally second layer, add a lot of QoL soon. That will make the game more enjoyable. Second, if the buyables are going to be bought so many times (example, 50 of them), you should already have an Autobuyer for it. Try to add QoL as soon as possible and available.


yes i argee

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Alright, I’ll try to do that! I will admit that there are some issues with QoL in the original Tuba’s Tree.

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Probably not. Achievements might have QoL milestones or a currency like Achievement Points that does nothing but show how far you’ve gotten.

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