Universal Reconstruction

Inspired by the end of Distance Incremental (at least before the multiverse update), Universal Reconstruction is my first successful foray into idle game development. Enter an hours-long journey to gather all the components you need to build a reality of your own, and figure out a way to reconstruct your original universe!

Play the mod here!



Finally, the first major update since the forums were created is here! Delve deeper into the enigmatic power of Timecubes, and discover how to entangle your fourth String!

  • Lots of graphical adjustments and bugfixes
  • An entire layer’s worth of timecube content
  • Entropic Enhancement preset slots
  • and more

v0.8.1 - A small bugfix update, mainly fixing a couple typos and some new data being lost on resets. Acceleron upgrades are also now always visible after your first Entangled String.


v0.8.2 is out now! I was notified of some difficulties with certain Timelines in v0.8.1, which led to a cascade of balance changes and improvements being made to the Timeline section as a whole, but primarily focused on the Timeline-first route.
Timeline score scaling has been heavily reduced by this, but the base score divider and Entanglement requirements have been nerfed to compensate
Existing scores have not been reset, as a bonus to any players who have been grinding through the section already.
Details about the balance changes may be found in the changelog