Yet Another Challenge Tree: Adventure

Have you ever wanted to play an incremental game that has you travel to an Isekai where you clear tasks to get more powerful? If so, Yet another Challenge Tree: Adventure ( is the perfect game for you to try out!

New link for future Yet Another Challenge Tree: Adventure updates would be in instead of the master branch, because I plan to make another tree after YACT:A has infinity
Please remember to export your save from the first link before I revert the master commit back to the original TMT template in 7 days

The game currently features:
-3 Tiers of Challenges (making a total of 13 different challenges), each tier featuring a different type of challenge
-Lore with hand-drawn pictures made by the mod author himself
-A tier inspired by a certain mechanic in Algebraic Progression


Version 1.1 is live, making this game perform MUCH MORE better than when it is in version 1.0!
Changes include:
-Kind of balanced Tier 3?
-Tier 3 now uses sliders, no more clicking too many times!
-Fixed a typo of ‘The Awaited Quadratic Reference’.
-Milestones are now moved to the bottom of each layer tab!

Also had a few hotfixes not really making too many changes to the game

-A way to prevent b causing a Division by 0 error in ‘As Medium As Division’ should be added.


It has already been announced on the Discord server, but I will announce here again just in case someone only uses the forum but not the TMT Discord

Yet another Challenge Tree: Adventure v1.2 - “Only a little better than v1.1, but still more than a hotfix”

  • Multiple Measures Prevents b from being 0 in ‘As Medium As Division’ (because division by 0 error).
  • Reverted formula variable visualization back to bars due to mobile users’ requests.
  • Added more buttons around the variable bars for better QoL.
  • The Changelog is more pleasing in the eyes.

With this update out of the way this game is prepared for Layer IV implementation! Stay Tuned for what’s in store for this game!


Thanks to everyone’s help, I hereby announce that v2 of Yet another Challenge Tree: Adventure is now LIVE!

Tier IV’s theme is balance and dilemma. You and Chal are going to visit a female merchant with horns on her head as you complete 2 types of challenges in this layer: The Balance Pair where you gain Positive and Negative points to boost your resources, and Dilemma Challenges: Breaking the limit of Positive and Negative points enough times gives you 2 challenges, but only one challenge helps you progress better!

So far there are 2 pairs of Dilemma challenges in this game, with 3 more to come soon.

Are you ready to go on a, or continue your challenge-filled adventure?


Due to the brilliant suggestions by people in the TMT server, the effects of Positive and Negative points are now better- well… balanced (heehee) in version 2.1: Balance Matters!

(It’s not version 2.0.1 because it just doesn’t feel like a hotfix)

In this version:

  • Positive and Negative Point Nerfs are now exponented to ^0.5 so their reward would not be stuck at x10 without Dilemma Challenges.
  • Effect of Positive and Negative Points now update based on Dilemma Challenge Effects.

To be featured in V2.2:
Dilemma Challenges “Proton” and “Electron”, where one resource would give the buffs of BOTH positive and negative points as the reward.
Dilemma Challenges “Math Addict” and “Strengh Hunter”, for reward f(t) boosts tier 4 power gain or vice versa.
Dilemma Challenges “Antidepressant” and “Hydraulic Press”, for reward either Positive or Negative points would boost their own gain.

Thank you for continuing to stick around on this adventure!


v2.(1 1/2): Fit-tertainment and QoL

Two features giving people a better experience as suggested by players

  • Repeatable Challenges are now autocompleted as long as the player is inside the challenge. (for the new players)
  • Added a mobile QoL button for mobile players to reset for tier 1 power in layer 2.

v2.2: No longer a RobTop reference

2.2 is real now lol

  • Added the remaining 3 Dilemma Challenges to Tier 4.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking + multiple times on tier 3 when starting at 0 would make the variable add in the manner of strings.
  • Speaking of Tier 3, the leftmost buttons for Tier 3 are replaced with 1 because any value returning 0 halts production.

If this update goes OK without problems, Tier 5 (endless challenge to infinity) would come soon!


v3.0: You still have time, hero

Presenting the final tier before infinity, Tier V! The main mechanic is the Chamber of Time, where you become more powerful by accumulating Time Energy. There are also infinitely completable challenges that can boost your Time Energy gain…

Tier V has 2 challenges other than the Chamber of Time. More to be added soon and open to suggestions for now.

Extra stuff:

  • Finally fixed tier 4’s line where Chal’s line does not show up.

Are you ready to go on a, or continue your challenge-filled adventure?


v3.1: It’s over already…?

  • Added 3 challenges to Tier 5. (Unfortunately none of the suggestions got in :frowning:)
  • Added an infinity layer that only allows for prestige so far.
  • Total challenge completions in Tier 5 boosts best time energy effect.

This is planned to be the last update for now (does not mean the last update of this whole game) before I start working on another tree. There are parts that I felt can be balanced better, but I’ll leave it for suggestions. If I failed at working on that other tree, I would go back to this tree.


v3.2: OK probably one more update before I start another tree

  • Scaled the Tier 5 challenges better.
  • Changed the module for the completions of the INFINITELY COMPLETABLE CHALLENGES so they should be auto completed a bit faster now (could still be better imo).
  • Nerfed Infinity Points cost to 5e28123 in line with the changes to Tier 5 challenge scaling.
  • Tier 3 Power now buys max at default. This would be useful for people who got to tier V