Yet to be named Tree

Game Link:

My first tree, so I am still learning. Feedback is welcome.
It has no actual name yet. I jokingly named it “Yet to be named” to have a name, but name suggestions are welcome. (I might keep the current name though)

The first few versions were shared privately to some friends of mine, so don’t worry about it being v0.4.1 already. I just didn’t feel like it’s in a good enough state to publish on here until now.

I am unsure how far I will go with this tree, and how consistent updates will be, the latter depends mostly on my free time, the former on my ideas and what mechanics I want to try out.

It currently has 5 (6) layers, out of which 4 (5) are accessible in the current version (You have to choose between the row 3 layers for now)