Bdh2022's Non TMT review

All reviews here are for Non-TMT. TMT reviews are here.
52.The Ouroboros Protocol*(Epicboss32)
*Made for “Profectus Creation Jam”, whose theme is “Break The Cycle”. Made in “Profectus


Topic: Getting cycles changing by time. Length: 6-7 hrs. Endgame: Beat layer 4 chal
Layers: 4 layers. Layers 2~4 reset all prior progress. Layer 1 is about cycle, which makes point gain fluctuate. Layer 1 has ups and 3 buyables that changes that cycle. Some buyables in layer 1 resets some things. Layer 1 also has chals that reset some layer 1 stuff. Layer 2 only has ups, which boosts points. Layer 3 is about breaking the cycle, which includes both buff and nerf. Layer 4 only has 1 chal resetting all things on entry and on exit.

Balancing: Very Slow and grindy. You should wait or grind for layer 1 buyables in early game, because it costs layer 1 currency and requires an upgrade effect of at least some number. Layer 3 is strategic, because they include both buffs and nerfs. Layer 4 chal is hard, because it resets all and gives nerf on entry.

Conclusion: The idea and the design of the tree was unique. However, the insane grind and slowness makes it boring.
Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 0/5, Uniqueness 4/5, Overall 2/5

75.Distance Incremental*(Jacorb90) link Githack link
*Also “DI”. The review is based on normal, NA in v2


Topic: Going far. You’ll go beyond light speed in early game, which is impossible. You’ll end up moving ENTIRE multiverse in just a few seconds in the end. Also in this game distance is produced by velocity(has a cap that is removed later), which is produced by acceleration. I’ll say distance=[d], velocity=[v], acceleration=[a]. For NA some achievements with no rewards are gone, which makes the game a bit harder.

Length: maybe 15 hrs. Endgame: 152 ach
True Endgame: 190 HC score

Layers: 10 layers. All layers reset [d], [v], and [a]. Layer 1(Rank) only resets them. Layer 2(Tier) resets layer 1. Layers 1-2 are static layers and have rewards. Layer 3(Rocket) resets layers 1-2, giving buff to [v] and [a], based on themselves and rockets. Layer 4(Rocket Fuel) only resets layer 3, boosting rocket effect. Layers 1~4 only have buttons.

Automation tab has 3 bots(last one is added in next layer), which automates layers 1, 2, and 4. You can unlock them with scraps and boost with intelligence.
Time reversal(TR) has a button reversing time, which makes all prior things go down(only for passive gain. Don’t go below 0), giving time cubes. You can use them on TR ups. 2nd TR up buffs time speed, boosting pre-collapse stuff.

Layer 5(Collapse) resets all prior stuff(except automation), giving cadavers boosting time speed. You can use cadavers for life essence, resetting cadavers. Layer 5 has 12 milestones unlocked with life essence. Pathogen tab has 15(5 of them are added later) strong buyables. Dark circle tab has a button(Dark core) costing cadavers. Dark core produces dark matter and buffs pathogen buyables after 12. Dark matter produces dark enrergy, producing dark fluid. Unlocking it unlocks 5 TR upgs.

Layer 6(infinity) resets all prior stuff except automation, producing knowledge which are used for infinity ups. There are 100, but most of them are added with progress. Some ups repeal others, and repealed ups have no effect but you can’t buy them even if you didn’t buy. It can make you stuck, so you can reset ups.

Ascension has 4 perks but you can enable only 1 at a time. Perks are temporary and produce ascension power boosting all perks and can be used for enlightenment. Stadium tab has 6 chals, whose nerfs intensify with completion.

Pantheon tab has spectral gems earned with infinities. Spectral gems are used for angel/demon, which nerf each other. There’s purge run(chal) giving purge power, reducing the nerf. Derivative tab has a button that adds a derivative(max 2). At 2 derivative shifts, snap produces jerk, which produces [a]. And you can boost derivatives by doing derivative boosts.

Layer 7(Elemantary;I’ll call it elem) resets all prior stuff including autos, which are used for fermion/boson. Fermions produce quark/lepton, and both have 6 buffs but you can select 1 of each. Bosons produce Gauge/scalar bosons. Gauge bosons buffs gauge force boosting photon, gluon, etc. Photon/gluon are used for buyables. Scalar bosons produce higgs boson used for ups.

Theories has 7 subtabs. 1st subtab(Theoriverse; I’ll call it TV) has TV button reducing all prior gains, giving Theory point(TP) on clear. Subtabs 2-7 cost TP to unlock. Subtab 2(supersymmetry; I’ll call it sym) has 4 sym particles boosting elem stuff, and giving sym wave boosting pre elem stuff. Subtab 3(Tree) has buyables costing TP. Subtab 4(strings) is only buffed by this tab and foam. Subtab 5(preon) stuff is buffed by 1st string, used for theoretical booster giving TP. Subtab 6(Accelerons) has a button adding content. Subtab 7(inflation) is only buffed by itself and foam, reducing Tree cost and boosting TP from Hadrons.

Hadronic Challenge has a chal whose nerf is decided by yourself, which gives Hadronic score giving Hadrons. Hadrons give TP. Foam tab has many buyables boosting various things vastly. Unlocking a new foam resets all foam stuff. Layer 8(entropy) only resets foam, which has 25 powerful ups. But there are only 10 if you didn’t unlock the next layer.

Layer 9(Skyrmions) resets many prior stuff and forces elem reset. So it resets so many things. You may think it’ll take a long time to recover. However, it has VERY strong buyables so even with 1 spinor buyable recovering is VERY fast. And, 15 entropy ups are added after reset, and some of them give VERY good QoL. Those QoL ups are all kept on layer 9. Buying pion buyable increase cost of spnior one, and vice versa. 25th entropy up removes it and lets you buy max them(kept on layer 9).

Layer 10(multiverse) resets all prior progress(most higgs ups are kept) giving strong boosts and QoL. Unlike layer 9 it’ll take a while to recover. It also has some good milestones and 5 chals giving rewards(such as crackle producing snap).

Balancing: Fast, but has a few slow points. The 1st slow point is at 16 endorsements, you should wait for some minutes for ups.
stadium order(worked for me):
Eternity->Drigganiz->Spaceon->buy ups until inf6;7->Infinity->Solaris->Reality More stadium guides

2nd slow part is early elem(wait for higgs ups). Theories can be hard. But after inflation unlock, game is fast and easy. For NA if you’re stuck at TV try entering and exiting purge.

Misc: You can change font, notations. There’s a newsticker, some of which have reqs. Some newstickers are rarer than the others, which also tells you they’re rare. Foam is also called “fome”, since they’re homonyms.

Conclusion: The game has many unique mechanics. And the game is almost perfectly balanced and was fun.
Ranks: Content 5/5, Balance 5/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 5/5

75A.DI Extreme*
*Based on Extreme, NA Extreme, Easy Extreme, NA Extreme Easy


Topic: This mode is an extension of Hard Mode that makes it even more difficult, however adds The Furnace(a new feature) to compensate for this.<-Mode description ingame

All gains are nerfed a lot and some scalings are vastly changed. Rank/Tier/Enlightenment scale faster, but rocket fuel scales slower. Includes hard mode nerfs. Cadaver milestone 10 is nerfed, whose effect is worse than hard mode. It adds furnace, Rank Cheapeners, 20/5/7 new TR/Higgs/Entropy ups, row 2 stadium, and some Theory tree ups to compensate. It’s much harder than both Hiker’s Dream and Normal, so beware.

Layers: Furnace tab has 5 buyables(2 of them added later) and blue flame that resets and cheapens them. There are 6 chals in this tab, which nerfs 4th buyable and some nerfs on entry. Chals 1~5 force collapse, while the last one forces an elem reset. Enhanced furnace tab has 13 buyables which are affected by auto furnace. Magma tab has 2 buyables which are kept on all resets except multiverse. Plasma tab has a buyable adding a boost.(max 12) It can be bought with white flame, which is based on plasma(buffed by Skyrmions) and blue flame.

Balancing: Slow. The game until Skyrmions is similar to normal in terms of difficulty. However, Skyrmions unlock plasma, which is a timewall section as you should wait for white flame and plasma to grow(up to 20 mins each boost). Timewall intensifies at multiverse, for the same reason. The worst timewall is last gleaming boost, which makes you wait for 3 hrs. The 2nd worst timewall is after 10 Dark expanders, as you should wait for the last column 5 entropy ups before the last one. For the 2nd worst timewall you should grind at least e8 total ME before starting(because total ME cheapens all entropy ups, due to the last milestone).

In NA extreme you’ll have trouble beating MV4, since you have to grind e4 ME in MV2. In Easy Extreme and Easy Extreme NA, it’s easier before plasma. After that it’s harder than normal.

Conclusion: It was fun until plasma, but boring after that. Its balancing was good though.
Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 4/5

75B.DI Hiker’s Dream


Topic: You have to climb up a hill that gets steeper and steeper as you go(making progress slow down drastically), however there are new buffs to compensate for this steep hill.<-Mode description ingame
There’s an “incline” that are increased at 1 km, which is based on [d] and raises [v], [a] to a fractional power. But there are new ups and new tab.
Endgame: See review 75. True Endgame: 966 HC score

Layers: No new layers. There are 36 energy ups and 3 new higgs ups, nothing new. So it has less stuff than extreme. That’s because the nerf only applies to [v], [a](and energy), unlike extreme that nerfs ALL currencies.

Balancing: A bit slower than normal. However, you’ll be confused at unlocking multiverse, because you need 30th energy up first, which is a big timewall. However, even if you bought it, you won’t reach 1 mlt. At this point you should click on a “reverse time” button(or press u key), and then rocket reset, and normalize time. This will make you reach 1 mlt instantly. It’s still useful after multiverse too.

Misc: A news ticker says Jacorb made it because he doesn’t exercise. I don’t know if it’s true.
Conclusion: This game was similar to normal, but a bit slower.
Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 4.5/5

75C.DI Extreme Dream*
*Activated by choosing both Extreme and Hiker’s dream


Topic and endgame: See review 75. Length: 2-3 days
Layers: It has both Hiker’s Dream and Extreme modes’ content. It has nerfs of both too.
Balancing: Slow. Pre-Rockets will be very slow, because it’ll take almost an hour to reach 1 rocket. But the game after rockets will be a normal, and will be faster than normal mode in infinity stage. However, the game will be insanely slow after 1 elem. You’ll suffer a LOT to unlock theories, to fulfill the distance req. In theories things become even worse. You’ll stuck in TV4(Theoriverse at depth 4) for a VERY long time(1 day). And you should grind very much before trying it.

Discord server recommends it before TV4: 307Gm of Entangled string, 7686 Elementaries, 1.2e8 of both fermion/boson, e16 of each supersymmetric particle, 65 purge power
Another guide for TV4

In TV4 you should wait for e91 enhanced coal, for molten bricks. After beating TV4, unlock preons and use “Shift+click” for Theory Tree, which works after TV4(achievement reward). After foam(which is unlocked before Hadronic chal in this mode), the game is still slow but is just a bit slower run than extreme, until the endgame.

Misc: “Thrusters V”(36th energy up) is gone.
Conclusion: This mode was much harder than normal(not as much as hard mode though), and has a huge timewall at TV4, which was painful.
Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 2/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 3/5

75D.DI Easy*
*Based on Easy, Easy Hard, NA easy, NA Easy Hard


Topic: This mode is easier & faster to help you reach the end faster.<-Mode description ingame
Length/Endgame/Layers: See review 75
Balancing: Fast. You’ll go elem in a short time. After that it becomes slower but still fast.
Misc: Inf ups are never removed even if you didn’t unlock bosons.
Conclusion: The game was much faster, and it feels shorter than it seems.
Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 4.5/5

*Based on AAU, AAU NA


Topic: Start with all achievements unlocked.<-Mode description ingame
Length/Layers: See review 75. Endgame: e3 mlt
Balancing: Very fast until elem but normal after.
Misc: HC selectors(not stadium sliders), first 5 rows of entropy ups, Auto photon/gluon/tree ups, Auto multiverse, passive Rocket/Time cube/Cadaver/Life essence/entangled strings gain are always unlocked.

Conclusion: It’s too fast in pre-elem. It’s fine after
Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 4.5/5

75F.DI Hard
Caution: Expect huge timewalls(up to 2 weeks), huge grinding!


Topic: The game is harder & slower, with slight compensation to help you slowly grind to the end.
<-Mode Description ingame. But it’s the 2nd hardest mode with huge timewalls lasting for hours to weeks, so only try if you want “Timewall Gaming”.

Length: 2-3 weeks. Endgame/layers: See review 75
Balancing: INSANELY slow. The game is slow at the beginning too. 1st hell is TR, where you should wait for hours each ups(after 5th). Collapse req is lowered but it’s timewall to unlock it. You should have 4 fuel, e4 Rockets before wait. Collapse is very grindy but after 100 life essence it goes fine, until infinity unlock.

However, after that “real” hell starts. All ups are timewall lasting for 1k+ secs. At 9 endorsements you should wait for hours. But after ascension hell intensifies due to insane timewalls. You’ll stuck at endorsement 14, for 2+ weeks. But at endorsement 14 you can get ascension power(AP) without perks, the speed is same as AP gain with 1 perk. Also you can get 3 perks at once along the way. However, for endorsement 15 you need 4 of each enlightenment, 6e5 AP. You get AP without perks so idling will let you gain AP. Or you can use script in console* for auto perks.

At endorsement 15-19, it’ll be quite fast. But at endorsement 20 it’ll be a big timewall lasting for a day. But it can be reduced to 2-3 hrs by doing method below.
1. Buy inf 7;7 and beat 6 stadium in the same way as normal
2. Enter and exit “Infinity” chal. It changes dark core each time
3. Repeat until 40 dark cores
After that it’ll be easy until foam. Boson has a bit longer timewall than normal. 96, 126 are got too late since bots are nerfed.
Foam is slow taking a few hrs. After that it’s fine until the end.

*You can open it by pressing “F12” or “Ctrl+Shift+I”. You can get auto perk script here

Conclusion: It’s intended to be hard. But it’s too hard and is 2nd hardest(NA hard is hardest) of ALL non absurd ones.

Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 0/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 2.5/5

76.Idle mine: Remix(Veprogames) Kongregate link/Crazygames link


Topic: Mining ores to get rich. But you’ll end up mining unknown ores, planets, stars, galaxys, and even UNIVERSE. But don’t worry, since they reappear as soon as you mine them

Length: 2~5 days, including offline time. Endgame: Mine universe
True Endgame: 10 Gem waster

Content: There are many ores and buyables. You craft pickaxes with gems. The pickaxes’ power(P)/Quality(Q) are random, whose base damage is PQ. Base damage is buffed by some buyables. But there’s a min base dmg, boosted by blacksmith, blacksmith skill, etc(which are important in this game). There are 4 resources: Money, Gem, Planet Coin(PC), Wisdom, which are used for buyables. There are 9 story chapters unlocked with progression giving infos. Chapters 1~4 are early game, 5~7 are mid game, 8~9 are late game

Balancing: Slow, grindy. You’ll tap on mineral many times. And in late game and post-endgame, you’ll tap on a buyable many times. There are HP jumps for minerals, which are painful

Misc: You can change notations. The save code is long so it’ll be laggy if pasted in google docs. You can go much beyond the end. I once grinded until e4 blacksmith levels(possible with long grind). “Gem Waster” is the strongest, capped at 10 levels(15 if gem waster+ is counted), but cost jumps a LOT every level so you won’t max it even if you beat the game. It’s maxed when you go beyond endgame

Conclusion: It was fun and was unique, but it’s too grindy. I wish it had autobuyers. When I got endgame I found there are many stuffs to do(many buyables with max lv aren’t maxed), which made me grind

Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 4/5, Overall 4/5

77.Replicanti Incremental(Mrredshark77)


Topic: Growing “Replicanti”(multiplying each sec; I’ll call it R). But there’s “Penalty” which nerfs growth vastly, starting at 10 R and is pushed by R buyable 1(R Storage) and is also pushed further by R buyable 4(Repeated R). However, at e77 R there’s another nerf called “Slowdown” raising “Penalty” to a power, halting growth. There’s “Slowdown^2” later

Length: 17~23 hrs. Endgame: e120 IP
Layers: 3 Layers. There are 4 buyables at first, boosting R. At e12 R you’ll reset for Galaxy, which resets all buyables and R but boosts all buyables. At e77 R grinding further will be almost impossible due to Slowdown, and then layer 2(Prestige) appears. It’ll reset all prior stuff except achievements and will give prestige points which are used for strong ups. Quite a lot later you’ll reach 1.8e308, and you can’t go further since it’s the limit. And you have to reset for layer 3spoiler which resets ALL prior stuff including prestige but gives Infinity point(I’ll call it IP)[/spoiler].

Layer 3 has 2 main buyables; 1st one(costs IP) gives “Infinity Replicanti(I’ll call it IR)” working like galaxies. 2nd one needs max IR and resets them, which nerfs their growth but boosts their effect. Layer 3 also has 6 chals giving automations for pre-Infinity stuff. After beating all chals you can break infinity so that you can go beyond the limit(giving more IP) This will unlock new things: IP mult doubling IP per level, new IP/Prestige ups. And there are 4 new chals(Infinity Challenges; I’ll call them IC) that requires pushing further to unlock. IC2 unlocks R sacrifice which only resets R(not buyables) but boosts their growth. IC4 unlocks auto-sacrifice.

After pushing further, Replicators are unlocked at e64 IP. It grows exponentially without nerfs, boosting IR growth/effect. Replicators grow the fastest in the end.

Balancing: No timewalls but VERY grindy. Since there’s no automation until infinity, which means you’ll click on a buyable too many times. There’s a max all button but isn’t enough as hotkeys don’t work. After beating 6 chals all pre-infinity stuff will be fully automated but this time you’ll grind IP so much.

Misc: It has many typos. For example, R Galaxy description: “Reset your Replicanti, but makes replicanti upgrades is Ax stringer.”(A is effect)It can also be found in R Power/Sacrifice.

Conclusion: The good side of the game is that it has no timewalls at all. However, it was way too grindy so you’ll be tired of clicking so many times(I ‘inevitably’ used holding enter for max all button which spam clicks it, but still painful). In addition, there are no unique features at all; all things are so similar which makes this game boring. I won’t recommend playing it, unless you want painful games.

Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 1/5, Uniqueness 2/5, Overall 1.9/5

80.The Ascension Tree(Semenar) link


Topic: Same as RNG Tree but there are 2^(x-1) layers in row x. All layers only have ups
Layers: All layers(except 1st) only reset the directly connected prior layers, which has 2 QoL ups unlocking at the next layer unlock.

Balancing: Grindy but less than RNG Tree. You’ll click on ups many times until they’re kept.
Conclusion: It’s better than RNG tree but grindy.
Ranks: Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 5/5

81.Version Control*(Semenar) link itch link
*Made for Void Dev Jam, and this game won 1st place


Topic: A game inspired by AD, made for Void dev jam. With many versions.
Length: 7-8 hrs. Endgame: v1.0. True Endgame: All action ups, all heroes lv 99

Content: At start it’s contentless, but content is added with updates that need enough progress and reset ALL things. At v0.2 there’s automation automating dimensions. At v0.3, v0.4 dimension shifts/boosts are added. v0.5 adds heroes boosting many stuff, which are luck related feature. At v0.8 there’s a layer resetting many things, giving IP that can be used for ups.

Balancing: Normal speed. After rare heroes are added, you can stuck if you have bad luck, so export often. Sacrifice is annoying, but it’s automated later.

Misc: v0.3.1 req looks stupid but you can reach it by unlocking 11th dim.
Conclusion: The game was fun since it has very good balancing. And it was unique despite being a AD clone, as it made updates as a feature.

Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 5/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 4.6/5

82.1 Generator Infinite Upgrades(Naruyoko)


Topic: Buying many ups/buyables. Length: Several hrs. Endgame: 1 aep7

Content: There’s only 1 generator producing currency, which lets you start. After some time there are ups autobuying some ups. Quite a few later, there’s an inflation but a layer(Ascension) unlocks shortly after. It resets ALL prior progress(not generator), which gives Ascension points that can also be used for ups. Quite a few later ascension is also automated.

Balancing: Slow and grindy. There are many big timewalls at pre-Ascension, at early game too. Ascension is almost hard reset. You’ll grind for it too many times. Offline prod helps a lot.

Conclusion: It’s unique in that it overused many ups. But it’s bad due to many timewalls. In addition, ascension layer is also bad because it’s too grindy.
Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 2/5, Uniqueness 4/5, Overall 3/5

82A.OGIU Vepro mod(Veprogames)


Balancing: Fast but grindy. Unlike original there are only a few timewalls. But ascension is still grindy due to its nature. Others: In review 82

Misc: You can download app to play without wifi. The UI looks much better than original.
Conclusion: Despite the same length as original, it was much better due to reduced timewalls. But ascension is still bad.
Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 4/5, Overall 4/5

83.Infinite Softcaps(rft50)


Topic: Changing fluctuating effect of boosts. There are no softcaps.
Length: 1-2 hrs. Endgame: e100 AM
Layers: 3 layers. Layers 1(Matter), 2(Antimatter) reset nothing. Layer 1 has 6 buyables and some ups. “Sine” and “Cosine” effect changes by time. Layer 2 is a AD clone layer, but you can buy 3rd-8th dims with dimensions too. Layer 3(Infinity) layers 1, 2, which has chals that aren’t needed.

Balancing: Fast. You can reach the end without layer 3. But I reset for layer 3, which made my playtime much longer.

Conclusion: The game isn’t long and was fast. Layer 3 isn’t needed so people may go wrong.
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3/5

84.Omega Layers(Veprogames)Crazygames link


Topic: AD mod but infinite layers. Endgame: 49 ach. True Endgame: 50 ach
Layers: All main layers reset all prior ones, which can have ups, dimensions, chals, tree ups and are automated by automators(stuff) and volatility(currency). Aleph has many buyables boosting main layers. Restack resets all prior progress except achievements, giving layer coins that are used for strong ups. After enough progress you’ll go meta, which removes all features but resources grow exponentially, boosted by new buyables. Going meta also adds tree ups.

Balancing: Slow after delta. You’ll grind aleph every layer. Meta is slow too, so offline prod helps.
Conclusion: The game was unique as there are infinite layers, but the game was slow. And there’s only a few content after meta.

Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 3.6/5

85.VNGI(milo) link


Topic: Updating game. Unlike Version Control(review 81), you’re a dev.
Length: 30-40 mins. Endgame: v0.0.1. True Endgame: v0.0.2
Layers: All layers only reset all prior updates, which are static ones. You dev constantly, but reduces by time(min 0). Drinking coffee recovers deving speed, with 30s cooldown.

Layer 1(Prototype) unlocks , which is gotten by working. But you can't work while deving. is used for hiring friends(help you update), or boosting coffee, $ gain. After some layer 1 resets, you get server. Server gains members when you promote(1m cooldown). It has 3 ups boosting things by members. Layer 2(Alpha) is empty.

Balancing: Fast. You’ll mostly update game, since friends/servers are bad.
Conclusion: It’s fun and idea is unique. But it’s short, plus most things are useless.
Ranks: Content 2/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3.1/5

86.The Factory of Automation(Jacorb90) link


Topic: Managing a factory, with automations. Length: A few hours. Endgame: e1.125e11 Steel

Layers: You produce steel manually, and A1 automates it costing steel. A2 autobuys A1(costs A1), A3 autobuys A2(costs A2) and so on. There are ups boosting those. You’ll unlock gold(boosts steel) later, which works the same as steel. There are more metals/gems. After some time there are milestones, buffed by milestone charges. Charge tab also has buyables. And Radioactive reset only resets charge tab, which boosts them. Quite a few later you’ll reset for eclipse that resets all prior progress but gives big boosts. It also gives very good autobuyers(such as auto upgrade), which are slow and become fast later.

Balancing: Fast. Charging milestones requires strategy but not that hard. And there are no strategies other than that. Buying ups after eclipse will be annoying though.
Misc: You can export save file but you can’t export to clipboard.

Conclusion: The game wasn’t strategic at all, which is a rare case for “Jacorbian Balancing”. Also it was a bit short. But it was a bit unique as it made automation as main stuff.
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3/5

87.Endless Stairwell(Demonin) link


Topic: Going up a stairwell that seems endless, but you should become strong enough before going further. The game uses the highest num of all games.
Length: 5-8 hrs. Endgame: Floor 500

Content: At start you’ll find you can’t go beyond floor 50 since it’s locked until you find a ring in floor 49, which is locked as you should find a key in prior floor rooms. Rooms have enemies, which are stronger in higher floors. After floor 50, stronger enemies exist and there’s a reset layer(cocoa honey) wiping all prior stuff, in floor 99. After getting enough of them you unlock floors 101-150(e notation; AeB=A*(10^B)), whose enemies are much stronger than before. After buying the last up in floor 149 you unlock floors 151-200(F notation; Fb=10^^b), and there’s another layer at 151(cocoa bar) resetting cocoa honey. After getting 10 bars, you unlock floor -1

At floor -1 you’ll reset for dark orbs resetting ALL prior stuff but giving big buffs(max 4). You should reset for them whenever affordable. At floors 201~250, enemies’ HP use G notation, and Gx=10^^^x, which has a combinator where you can put 2 resources to a new one. At floors 250~350, enemies’ HP use J notation, and Jy=10{y}10=10^…^10, with y arrows. In this stage there’s a boss dropping blood gems that are used for dimensions producing monster blood, boosting stat a lot. At floors 351~498, there’s a K notation; Kz=1JJ…, with z J’s. At floor 499 there’s final boss

Balancing: Very grindy. You’ll hold down hotkeys so many. Items are random so you’ll grind many.
Misc: There’s a shark merchant selling ups, and he thanks you whenever you buy them. He appears again at floor 305, and says he’ll sell good items but “jelly” interrupt it. And he gives you glock and you kill jelly with it. However, after that you kill the shark as well. Rip shark
It’s almost impossible to play on mobile

Conclusion: It was too grindy and a bit short. Big numbers don’t always lead to better game.
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3/5

88.Mine Your Way Out 2*(Luis0413) link/Newgrounds link/Itch link
*My 1st review for non-incremental games. Unplayable on mobile


Topic: Mining ores and making new gears. There’s a boss in the end.
Length: 1 hr. Endgame: Beat boss. True Endgame: Find all ores

Content: You start with a weak pickaxe that can only mine a few ores. However, after destruction machine, you can mine distant ores and you can mine a few more types. But making new ones needs finding some ores, and costs currency. At last gear, you can find all ores, and you can go above surface, which lets you fight boss with eye shape, which is also hard but after you fail you can change difficulty. After beating boss, endgame screen appear.

Balancing: Fast. The limiting factors for gears are rare ores and sometimes currency. Boss can be hard for some players, but choosing very easy will let you beat it.

Misc: Starting takes minutes of waiting. You can’t go beyond true endgame.
Conclusion: The game is a short one, but also has good balancing and sudden boss fight.
Ranks: Content 1/5, Balancing 5/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 4.2/5

90.Escape from Ventablack*(Jacorb90) link itch link
*Made for “Void Dev Jam


Topic: Escaping darkness. The color theme slowly gets brighter as you progress. There’s a radical color theme change at 50%, and at 100% the bar goes down and you have to recover to 100%.
Length: 1-2 hrs. Endgame: Get 100% twice

Content: At first you have a button letting you get light(which will be automated). And there are 9 buyables boosting light. At e8 photons you unlock pair production that has 2 buffs but you can only choose 1. Later on you’ll get lumen based on photon/s, which can be used for buyables. At 50% you unlock growth that has 2 buffs. You get both buffs but you can lv up only 1.

Balancing: Fast but confusing in the end. And color theme is bad. At 50% color theme goes much worse. At 100% you lose light and you have to tap on “+” icon in new tab, which is very annoying and very confusing.

Conclusion: The game was fun, but the color is bad. That’s fine, but last tab was terrible.
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 1/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 2/5

91.A Billion Bananas(LuigiVerona) link


Topic: Eating many bananas. Length: 8-12 hrs. Endgame: 3 Loyal Runs
Content: You start with e9 bananas. You must eat all, and get 100 poop/eat. You eat 10 bananas/eat later on. After that you unlock 2 animals and truck. Animals help you eat bananas that is done automatically. Truck send e6 bananas and 2 buyables boosting the speed and cap.

After eating all you finish the 1st island and get 1 upgrade. And there are harder islands but some islands are a normal run. At this point you unlock QoL and an animal. After finishing all, you start over but eating is buffed by x+1, where x is completion. And you unlock 3 loyal runs that can be finished without something.

Balancing: A bit slow and very repetitive. You’ll do the same thing each island.
Conclusion: The game was too repetitive so it isn’t fun, despite the good design.
Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 2/5, Uniqueness 4/5, Overall 3/5

92.Tree Game(yhvr)


Topic: Tree ups. Length: 1 hr. Endgame: e125 RP

Content: 1st tab has tree ups generating/boosting x, y, z. There’s a layer(RP) resetting 1st tab giving RP that is used for Rebirth Tree. RP isn’t a static layer so buy ups as soon as you can afford. There’s a choice tree in RP tab, and you can choose 1 of the same row. After buying all choice ups there’s a trial tree that is a set of repeatable chals.

Balancing: Fast and easy. There’s no strategy except choice ups. For choice ups select all middle column for RP and right column for trial.

Conclusion: It was fun but was short. It has a potential but it’s a shame that lacks unique content.
Ranks: Content 2/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 2/5, Overall 3/5

93.Tree Game Rewritten(yhvr) link


Topic: Same as Tree Game but strategic. Length: 1 hr. Endgame: Unlock Lab
Content: 1st tab is same as Tree Game. RP is a static layer unlike the original, so this time RP is limited. You can respec RP tree unlike the original. 3rd tab(Another Tree) has a, b, c, but c isn’t possible. a~c can be bought with total RP used for Another Tree ups. Lab is unfinished.

Balancing: Fast but strategic. You should choose RP ups wisely. If you’re stuck respec RP tree and try different ups. Better RP is good for RP.

Conclusion: The game was fun, but was a bit short. Good game though.
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3/5

94.Rapture 30(Jacorb90)


Topic: Getting Raptures that nerf sprint. Length: 15 mins. Endgame: 30 Raptures
Layers: You get sprint which are used for sprint boosts that buff its gain. There’s a max sprint, which is a req of rapture that increases max sprint. Raptures also gives rapture energy which is used for ups. At some point you get greater worlds. It has 5 of each angel/demon boosts but your choice is limited. The buffs you can choose can be buffed by raptures. Later on you can use active skills and 5 new buffs from greater worlds.

Balancing: Fast and strategic. You should buy rapture ups wisely. Some rapture ups arr boosted based on unspent so sometimes don’t rush for ups.

Conclusion: It needs strategy, which is annoying. Balancing is good overall. It’s contentless though.
Ranks: Content 0/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 3/5

95.Exponential madness(TheTastyPi) link


Topic: AD clone. Each multiplier works the same as dimensions in AD, except that multiplier(I’ll call it Mu) multiplies(not adds) the prior one each second. The max number of Mu is 10, not 8.

Length: 3-4 hrs. Endgame: 20 ach
Layers: 2 layers. There are 4 Mu at first. Layer 1(reset) resets all Mu but adds a Mu(max 6 times) and buff them. Layer 2(plexal) resets all Mu and resets, giving plexal essences based on number. Plexal essences are used for buying ups or boosting iterations. Iterations boost all Mu which are only reset on layer 2.

Balancing: Each reset is timewall until plexal. After that it’s fast.
Conclusion: It was a bit unique but lack of content and balancing issues make the game unfun.
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3/5

103.Cmow Remowed(Teste) link


Topic: A cat which break walls. Length: 3-5 hrs. Endgame: 18 ach
Layers: There are 3 buyables at the start. 1st one doubles DMG each, 2nd one adds 1 base DMG per buy. 3rd one adds 1/200 of DMG/tap to DPS each. To unlock a wall you must break current wall enough times(based on wall number). Walls can be broken multiple times per tap.

At some point you unlock Prestige wiping all progress except achievements, giving prestige kittens boosting DMG. Prestige kittens can be used for getting more of them or getting more DPS.

Prestige chals forces prestige, which nerfs some things, giving reward on clear(auto-cleared forcing prestige but gives pending prestige kittens).

Balancing: Insanely grindy. There’s no auto buyables at all, making you tap 200+ times after reset. DPS is very week so tapping is still needed.

Conclusion: It’s too grindy so it’s painful
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 1/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 2/5

104.Scrap 2 Fanmade*(Veprogames)
*Also “SC2FM”(mobile app). The review is based on v1.6


Topic: Remake of “Scrap Clicker 2”. Length: Weeks. Endgame: 47 ach

Content: You spawn a barrel per 2.5 sec, which gains 1 scrap/s. But you can merge 2 same barrels into 1 tier higher one. Barrel (tier) 2 gains 3 scraps/s, Barrel 3 gains 9 scraps/s, etc. There are 2 buyables using Scraps. 1st one makes barrels spawn 1 tier higher(max 5k). 2nd one makes barrel spawn faster. Achievements do nothing that are earned by progress.

At e15 Scrap you can get Golden Scrap(GS) resetting barrel, scrap and its buyables but gives scrap boost based on GS. And auto merge is unlocked at 1k GS. GS is used for 2 buyables. 1st one buffs scrap(max 30 lv), 2nd one buffs magnets, which is earned by merging(odds=1%). Magnets are used for 5 buyables. 1st one buffs scrap, 2nd buffs GS, 3rd buffs magnet odds, 4th buffs auto merge. 5th one is unlocked later.

Solar system is added at 8 of 1st GS buyable, which has 9 buyables. 1st one(Sun) buffs scrap, 2nd(Mercury) buffs GS effect, 3rd(Venus) lets barrels spawn twice, 4th(Earth) adds stuff. 5th(Mars) lets falling magnets spawn, 6th one(Jupiter) cheapens magnet buyables, 7th one(Saturn) buffs auto merge. 8th one(Uranus) buffs merge mastery buff, 9th(Neptune) earns magnets passively. Merge Mastery levels up by merges, giving scrap buff and magnets. Merge Mastery prestige is unlocked at 50 lv, resetting levels but gives GS and magnet buff.

Merge Quests requires merging certain barrels, giving merge tokens that are used for 4 buyables. 1st~3rd one buffs scrap, GS, magnets each. 4th one buffs falling magnets that is unlocked by skill tree. Skill Tree has tree buyables whose costs don’t go up by others. Skill tree buyables adds stuff or buffs gains. It also adds magnet buyable 5, which buffs brick growth. You get a brick/sec on unlock which doubles per 250 merges. It has 5 buyables. 1st one buffs scrap, 2nd buffs magnets, 3rd adds max lv to merge quest buyables 1~3, 4th buffs bricks, 5th speeds up merge quest.

Tires spawn by merge(odds=0.5%), whose value is buffed by x1.3 per collect. It has 9 buyables, but all of them makes all other ones in the same row more costly. Each row has 3 buyables. Row 1 speeds up barrel spawn, brick/merge mastery lv up. Row 2 buffs tire value/odds, and makes merge quest faster. Row 3 speeds up falling magnets, auto merge, and buffs GS gain.

Balancing: Grindy. There’s no QoL except auto merge, max buy scrap/brick buyables.
Conclusion: It was fun but grindy and lacks QoL.
Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 2/5, Uniqueness 4/5, Overall 3/5

*Also Schrotti. The review is based on v3.3.1


Topic: Extended SC2FM. Length: Far longer than SC2FM. Endgame: None
Content: There are 252 new achievements and more option. Getting barrel 101 adds fragments that are earned by removing barrels(automated later). They can be used for boosting scrap, magnets. Wrench is added at 12k own merges, which is earned by own merge and is used for boosting scraps or adding an ability to fasten things by own merge.

There are 3 new planets. 1st one(Astro) fastens auto convert, 2nd(Posus) buffs fragments, 3rd(Mythus) adds scrap buyable 1’s max. Beams are added at barrel 300, appearing every 30 sec and used for buyables(last 2 have no cap). There are 4 more beam types, which can be switched and are also used for buyables. 2nd dimension(dim 2) is added by earth. Entering dim 2 forces a GS reset. Dim 2 nerfs barrel tiers a lot, but merging buffs scrap. Exiting dim 2 gives dark scrap based on barrel tiers. There are many more things.

At e500 GS you unlock supernova resetting many stuff* and forcing GS reset. But you get big buffs from it. There are QoLs such as hyper buy(can buy max everything), or keeping some things(autobuyers, autocollectors are kept later)

Balancing: Very Grindy despite automation. Automation is useless unless it buys max. Supernova is repetitive as it resets almost everything. Dim 2 is basically timewall, but manual merge helps it.

Misc: Dim 2 lags on some devices. You get 0 scrap in dim 2, if scrap is the best amount in normal run, which is intended. You can turn on music, low performance mode in settings. You can change notations, max hyper buy amount, music type/volume, languages(English, Russian, German).
*All stuff in GS, Dim 2, Beams, Factory(not shrine), Merge Quest(not scrapyard), Skill Tree, Solar System, Merge Mastery, Fragments, Magnets, Bricks, tires, Plastic Bags, Screw.

Conclusion: It was so fun and has many stuff. But it was grindy
Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 4/5

*Also SC2FM Incrementalized(app)


Topic: Mod of SC2FM. Length: 5-8 hrs. Endgame: e4 GS True Endgame: e5 GS
Content: There are 2 new scrap buyables, boosting scrap and magnet. There’s 1 new magnet buyable speeding up barrel spawn

Balancing: A bit grindy. You should buy scrap buyables each reset many times
Misc: You should delete SC2FM before starting
Conclusion: It totally lacks stuff, which is a shame. Fun while lasted though
Ranks: Content 2/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 2/5, Overall 3/5

107.Incremental Unlimited*(Number Engineer)
*Also “IU”(app). Only supports android


Topic: Points are used to buy generators(gens) working the same as dimensions in AD. Tapping adds to last gen. Goal is to get big points.

Length: 2 hrs. Endgame: ||eee20 points|| True Endgame: eee25 points
Layers: 3 layers. Buying gens resets nothing. After 1000 gens, it changes to tiers boosting gens 1-998. Layer 1(speed) resets gens/points/tiers, boosting time speed up to x30. After that it buffs all gens.

Layer 2(pet) resets all prior stuff, boosting layer 1. But you have to choose pet types: dog or cat. Choosing dog will let you hire it instantly, which is faster at start but you can’t push to the end. Choosing cat won’t let you hire it instantly, instead you can hire at ee2000, not ee250. And cat is more costly than dog(thus slower start), but it’s needed to get endgame.

Layer 3(infinity) is only possible at point cap, pushing point cap but forcing layer 2 reset. You can’t buy anything at point cap other than layers 2-3. Switching pet resets all things.

Balancing: Fast. You’ll grind at start, but bulk buy helps you. At ee30-250 points it becomes slower but just buy speed at max bulk. After ee250 it’s fast though.

Misc: Click/Infinity/tier achs are useless.
Conclusion: Its balancing is good, but too short for mobile app.
Ranks: Content 2/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 2/5, Overall 3/5

108.Incremental Unlimited 2*(Number Engineer)
*Also “IU2”(app). Only supports android


Topic: See review 107. Length: 2 hrs. Endgame: F4 points
Layers: 4 layers. For all stuff before operator see review 107. It has refundable skill tree. You get upgrade pts with manual tap, but autobuy also give less of them. Layer 4(operator) resets all stuff, giving operator pts that are used for operator tree ups.

For Operator Tree, God Speed, “Seamless” ups except Seamless Game exist in all modes. Seamless Game, Auto Game exist in plus/multi modes. Historian Pet, Tome Stones I and II, Infinite Economic only exist in Plus. Historian pet adds some operator pts on resets, based on operator pts gained on previous reset. Time stone I buffs or nerfs points, based on layer 4 reset time. Time Stone II buffs points with variable speed, buffed by operator pts. Infinite economic makes pet bulk buy infinite.

Balancing: Fast. You’ll only restricted by upgrade pts, and you need to grind them.

Misc: Click/Infinity trees are useless.
Conclusion: It’s a bit longer than IU, but it’s still short. Balancing is good.
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 5/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 4/5

108A.IU2 Multi


Topic: Same as review 107, except: Gens multiply previous one per sec. Each tap multiply last gen.
Length: 1-2 hrs. Endgame: F7 points
Layers: Same as review 107 except: 4 new bulk speed, instant pet. Instant pet buffs gen 998, boosting gen 750 too. Further ups boosts earlier gen not 750th. For operator, Radioactive and stability only exist in multi. Radioactive elements only work on cat, boosting random gen with accident(nerf) chance. Both buff and accident chance intensify with further elements. Stability reduces accidents, ending up removing accidents.

Balancing: Fast. At operator, since both buff and nerf from Radioactivity is random, you’ll wait for buffs to affect gen 1. And you’ll wait for accidents to end if they occur.

Misc: Seamless game costs e11. But game says it costs 0.1e11=e10. You’ll get last element after buying all ups, since last element is costly.

Conclusion: It was fun but was short too, plus elements were painful.
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3/5

108B.IU2 Power


Topic: Same as review 107 except: Gens raise previous one per sec. Each tap raises last gen.
Length: 1 hr. Endgame: Fe290 points True Endgame: Fe302 points

Layers: Same as review 107 except: 3 new reset speed. For operator, Repair keep up, “Active” ups, Enhanced Idle. “Repair keep up” keeps gens on higher resets. Choosing cat buffs points over time, when all automations are off and not tapped, buffed by enhanced idle.

When you turn on any automation or tap something, this buff is reset. But when you tap on green small popup(it says such as “+1”), buff increases by 1, which is not counted as tapping. “Active” ups makes cat buff to points kept on some clicks/Automation. They end up keeping this buff always kept.

Balancing: Very Fast, despite slow start. You’ll get operator and infinity before pets. After unlocking pets, you must choose cat. And then turn off all autos and tap on infinity/pets sometimes. It’s a painful one, until you buy some active ups.

Misc: Infinity tree is a must for this mode, unlike other modes.
Conclusion: It has the biggest number in the game, but it’s still short. Operator tree seems unfinished since seamless game, auto game are missing.
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 5/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 4/5

109.Incremenergy(Jacorb90) link


Topic: Getting energy. All layers have gain exponents.
Length: 7-8 hrs. Endgame: e3e19 energy

Layers: 5 layers. Layers 2-5 reset all prior stuff. Layer 1(energy) resets nothing, which has 9 buyables. Layer 2(Super) has 9 buyables. It also has autobuyers costing super energy, which are permanent. Layer 3(Mega) is static layer, producing and raises mega energy. Mega energy is used for ups. Layer 3 also has 3 skills having lvs. Skill 1 costs energy, skill 2 costs super energy forcing layer 2 reset, and skill 3 costs mega energy forcing layer 3 reset.

Layer 4(Hyper) produces hyper energy, which are used for buyables that nerfs hyper energy a bit. Layer 4 also has unfortunate run that nerfs prior stuff, and best energy exponent in it produces and buffs fortune energy. Fortune energy is used for gifts.

Layer 4 has constellation too, which has stars producing star energy that are buffed by red giant. Neutron star buff is the biggest but is temporary and has cooldown. Black hole reduces star energy but produces darkness that is needed to add stars. Layer 5(Ultra) is produced by resets, but it’s only produced for a short time. Layer 5 also has ups, and there are 2 in each row. You can only choose 1 of each row.

Balancing: Fast. The game goes very fine before layer 4. But layer 4 is just micromanaging many stars, which is unfun. But at layer 5 it’s fun again, although it’s short layer.

Misc: Goals do nothing
Conclusion: It’s fun until layer 4. Layer 4 is unfun, despite many content. So it’s a decent one.
Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 4/5, Overall 4/5