Bdh2022's TMT review

I wrote this review and reviews 0~14 are here.

15.Le Boring Tree*(Cookina**) link

*Also called “LBT”. This review is based on v1.5.2.
**Also called “Momentcookie” and “Jeehanmoment”.


Topic: No topic but references to “Among Us(layer names)”, “Grass Cutting Incremental(for decelerator layers)”, “Prestige Tree(for AB tab in layer 1)”, and “Antimatter Dimensions(for Deadly DIEmensions)”.

Length: 12~15 hrs in normal mode. Endgame: Grasshop? 24 and e15 charge.

Layers: 11 layers. “Amogus” layer ups and AB buyables are always kept when you have 3+ boosters. Also all milestones, goals, chals, DV/DP ups, all inf/GH?/Steel layer stuff, all prestige/crystal/Automation ups are always kept. Inf layer has a long chal(Decelerator) that has new layers(which are also GCI reference), after that sometimes you need to exit or enter it again. Later you unlock Anti-Deadly chal, whose rewards are boosted by the least DS/DB in this.

Balancing: Normal speed. There’s no strategy until unlocking the 4th row of booster ups. After unlocking it, you should swap chess pieces a lot, but only use “Pawns”, “White Bishop”, “Rooks”. Use this strategy until unlocking DV, and you’ll get all pieces after that. You can’t get “DIEmension Upgrade D5” normally, so if you’re stuck at this, respec pieces and only max out “Black Knight” and wait 1-2 mins. And respec again and buy nothing until buy the next up. After buying this, max all pieces again and don’t respec again. And there’s a point where you’re stuck again, then check chess pieces again and you’ll find there are 2 new ones(White/Black King), and buy both. Grinding for the end will be a timewall, just keep in mind that you should wait for max foundry time before steelie reset.

Misc: You can change the number format. You can choose light theme(don’t choose it) and easier modes. Exporting save is broken before v1.5.2, but it now works.

Conclusion: This tree has a normal balance and a good amount of length, except for the endgame balancing. And there are strategies in the mid game. So this was fun, unlike the “Boring” in the name.(I beat it 8 times; 4 modes×2)

Overall Rank: B

16.Le Stupid Tree Game*(Cookina) link

*Also called LSTG and is also a mod of “My Very Good Tree”. This review is based on v1.4.


Topic: Tree with NG-X theme. But NG-X is replaced by NM+X(Nightmare+X), up to NM+9. Also some things are a reference to “Among Us”.

Length: 3 hrs

Layers: 8 layers. All things(except the UB layer and goals) reset on UB reset. And getting UB will give you nerf but unlock something. And some goals have rewards, which are important. There are 2 puzzles that are needed to progress.

Balancing: Normal speed but grindy. You’ll spam click the UP reset button for UB req. And the 1st puzzle(SB ups) can be solved easily if you saw hints in each up. But the 2nd one(“Suspicious Behavior.” goal) will be hard if you didn’t play “Among Us”, since it gives almost no hints. Here’s the solution: Get II~VI, IX~XII, XIV, and XVI. And the up order doesn’t matter if you solved both. Numbruh tab in the UB layer isn’t hard, despite the warning for it.

Misc: Some goal names can be changed with progression.

Conclusion: The game is more fun than its original, but a certain achievement req should be changed I think, as it made this game less fun.

Overall rank: C

17.Le Underrated Forest*(Cookina) link

*This review is based on v1.3. Also it’s called LUF as well.


Topic: A TMT inspired by Multitree(by loader3229, check the 12th review.). This tree contains 4 trees, but with newer ones compared to multitree. The original version of tree 1 doesn’t work anymore.

Length: 4-5 hrs.

Layers: 6/4/4/3 layers in each tree(17 total). Tree 2 became harder than the original, especially tier 3. But tree 4 is easier than the original. Also achievements exist unlike the multitree, but it’s not important in the game. Hotkey for “Rationals” is broken, but not the others.

Balancing: Fast. You won’t encounter timewalls. Tier 3 power in tree 2 needs some strategy, as the variable “a” is stronger than “b”, “c”, but putting all points in a isn’t optimal, so you should choose wisely. Challenge 2 and 3 in this also require strategy. Layer 3 in tree 4 is also a strategic layer, as you can choose the limited number of upgrades. In contrast, trees 1 and 3 aren’t strategic at all. And if you’re stuck then something must be missing.

Misc: You can change number format(scientific, engineering, etc.), decimal count(1, 2, 3).

Conclusion: This tree was as fun as Multitree. And this tree executed the original very well.

Overall rank: A

18.The Plant Tree*(thenonymous) Githack link/ link

*This review is based on v10.


Topic: Plants and the environment. Also all prestige layers are static layers. Non-prestige layers are all capped based on their production.

Length: 1 day. Endgame: 5 Conservation sites

Layers: 7 layers and 3 side layers. “Row 2 reset” resets all prior row 1 stuff(except wildlife upgrades). “Row 3 Reset” (except Conservation sites) resets all prior row 1&2 stuff and Research layer. Later on when you unlock “Natural Disaster” layer, all prior stuff except Achievements are reset, as well as leaf gain is massively nerfed(x->log10(x+1)), and entering the chals in this layer does the same thing again.(that is, force a this layer reset and leaf gain is logged twice in the chal in total–x->log10(log10(x+1)+1)). And when you reset for “Conservation Sites”, ALL previous progress including “Research” and “Natural Disaster” stuff will reset again(What?!?), although it’s row 3.

Balancing: Normal speed and a bit grindy. The game is very well-balanced, except v9 content, due to their chals being confusing at first. And research minigame will be confusing at first, because the token cost and minigame score increase based on tokens and completed rows, but the game didn’t make it clear. Also you’ll grind buyables in early-game.

Misc: You can change devspeed and save bank exists. You can find both in “Achievements” side layer.

Conclusion: This tree has excellent balancing almost all the time, which is hard to see in the long tree. In addition, there’s no non-static reset layers, which is insanely hard to see in the long tree. So I like this tree very much.

Overall Rank: A

19.NG+ Tree(thenonymous) link


Topic: A mod of “My Very Good Tree” and “Prestige Tree”, but unlike other NG-themed trees, it has “NG+” and “NG-” layers in one tree. Both layers reset all main layers, and “NG-” resets “NG+”.

Length: 3 hrs. Endgame: All achievements

Layers: 6 layers and 2 side layers. And 4 of the layers are main layer, the other 2 are NG layer. NG+ buffs main layers, while NG- nerfs them. But to go further, both are needed, as NG- unlocks new contents. Also “Achievements” side layer unlocks at NG-3, which is very important. And row 2 main layers reset row 1 layer, and row 3 main layer resets row 1, 2 layers. And “Force Subtraction Reset” button appears at NG-4, which forces NG- reset without reward. This button exists in case you’re stuck.(But not needed if you unlocked G layer before B layer)

Balancing: Normal speed but very grindy. You’ll spam row 1 reset clicks a lot before 6 generators, but after getting 6 of them, it doesn’t need until NG+ or NG- reset.

Misc: Generator Power and Time energy goes negative starting at NG-3, until curruption at NG-4, but this doesn’t affect point gain at all. And after Curruption, “Generator” becomes “Generaor”, but it does nothing as well. NG+1 description in addition layer changes at NG-3.

Conclusion: It was an average NG themed tree, for being very grindy.

Overall Rank: C

20.Prestige Tree Classic*(Jacorb90**) link

  • Also called “TPTC” ,“PTC”, or “TPT:C”. This review is based on v1.2.
    ** Also called “Jacorb”. Egg is the next mechanic.

Topic: It has no topic, but it’s the 1st game that looks like TMT, and all TMTs are modded from this. Also Jacorb90 co-worked with Aarex when developing this.

Length: 11-13 hrs. Endgame: ee11 points.

Layers: 22 layers. That’s a lot of layers, but some of them(SB/SG/HB) are almost empty. Also some layers’ req go up when you select others. For example, booster req go up when you unlocked generators, and vice versa. Also when you select T layer, E and S layers’ req go up which also affect their further req, until you buy a certain up. Selecting E/S layer causes the same to happen. Some layers in row 6/7 requires strategy. All chals are only available in the H/GE layer.

Balancing: Normal speed but grindy. You’ll grind for reset clicks a lot. Also you may be confused after unlocking “Mechanical Challenges”, because simply clicking on it doesn’t let you start it. Here’s how it works: You should click 2 different chals to start, and its nerf is the selected chals combined. And if you tried all possible combos, then you beaten all of them. And if you’re stuck there should be something missing or you just have to grind more.

Conclusion: Although it’s the 1st trial to make a “tree”, some grindy parts aren’t good. However, it’s balanced well and it’s worth trying if you want to see the original or you’re a “TMT Beginner”.

Overall Rank: B

21.Prestige Tree Rewritten*(Jacorb90) link

*Also called “Prestige Tree”, “PTR”, “TPTR”, “TPT:R”, or “TPT”. This review is based on v1.3.


Topic: A Rewritten version of “Prestige Tree Classic”. Early game is very similar to the original but row 4-7 layers are changed. Also added new layers.

Length: 20-24 hrs. Endgame: e3.14e16 points.

Layers: 28 layers. SB, SG layers are empty. And some layers’ req go up when you select the others. Most of quirk ups’ cost go up over time, but reset on quirk reset. Unlike the original, challenges are only included in the H layer. Achievements are VERY important to progress, and some of them can only be gotten with some conditions.

Balancing: Normal speed, but very grindy and slow at the Imperium layer. In the balance energy layer, you have to place a bar to the right extreme, then the left extreme, as the bar in the middle is less powerful. If you’re doing “Upgrade Desert”, you should buy ups carefully. And the imperium layer is hell, as you should grind row 6 resources every inflation by so much. In this layer progression is the SLOWEST in this tree, so it’ll take 6+ hrs in this layer. Also don’t forget buying “Phantom Boosters”, “Stellar Clusters”, new ups, and achievements. After reaching row 7 it’ll be normal again, except that mastering the HN layer will be hard.

Misc: You can change to v1.0 style. A side layer showing all softcaps can be hidden. In the info tab you can see the 1st reset time for each layer. Holding buyables doesn’t work.

Conclusion: Though this was a little more fun than the original, the imperium layer became MUCH harder and longer, so this layer was very boring. Note that the imperium layer took over 30% of the time to beat the game.

Overall Rank: B

22.Yet Another Challenge Tree*(42UR3**) link

*Also called “YACT”. **Also called “new42ur3jeans”. This review is based on v3.2.2.


Topic: Challenges. There are both one-time and repeatable chals in this tree. Buyables and milestones also exist, but not ups.

Length: 40-60 mins.

Layers: 6 layers. All layers have lore. And all layers except the last are named “Tier x power”, where x is 1, 2, …, 5. The final layer is empty and is the endgame layer. All chals except the ones in layer 1 are repeatable.

Balancing: Fast and easy. The game is so fast that you’ll be busy doing some things in this game. Also this game has no timewalls at all. But tier 3 and 4[especially tier 3] are strategic, but they’re still easy. If you’re stuck, you’re absolutely missing something.

Misc: The lore in each layer is about the person who accidentally entered the incremental kingdom. In the lore in layer 6 this person exits this kingdom and realizes that this is a dream.

Conclusion: Although the lore is made very well, the actual game isn’t. Because it’s too fast and lacks content. I think this game really needs some balancing and more content.

Overall Rank: D

23.The Goime Tree(42UR3)


Topic: A TMT that is inspired from “Goime 500”, which uses Adobe Flash, although TMT uses Javascript. And this TMT has many achievements.

Length: 5-8 mins

Layers: 5 layers. All of them have achievements. Dice layer has achievements that can’t be beaten.

Balancing: Very fast and very easy. You can get an endgame without any timewalls or grinding. But you can grind more for some dice achievements.

Conclusion: The game is unique, but is way too easy and is also very contentless. After you beat it, you’ll forget about this tree or you’ll be sad due to its missed potential.

Overall Rank: F

24.The Challenge Tree(Patfr)


Topic: Challenges. This TMT has no tree, just like the non-TMT games. All layers have chals, milestones, and ups.

Length: 2-3 hrs

Layers: 3 layers. Layer 2 resets layer 1, and Layer 3 resets all prior layers. But layer 2 and 3 have milestones that keep some stuff. Layer 1 also has milestones, which boosts things. Allchals in layer 2 and 3 are repeatable, with completion limits.

Balancing: Fast. This game has no long timewalls. And this tree isn’t strategic at all. But in the early layer 2 and early layer 3 will be grindy, but you’ll recover much faster.

Misc: You can’t go past the endgame due to hardcaps.

Conclusion: This tree’s balancing is very good, and this tree has decent amount of content as well. And this tree is unique due to having no tree.

Overall Rank: B

25.The Conversion Tree(Patfr)


Topic: Converting things. But converting triggers automatically(can be toggled) and resets all prior layers.

Length: 1 hr. Endgame: 1 Rebirth

Layers: 5 layers. The last layer is empty. The first 4 layers have own effects based on them.(layer 1 effect is unlocked when you buy “Inflation?”.) And layer 2-4 have milestones that keep something.

Balancing: Normal speed, although the disclaimer said that this game is slow.

Conclusion: The balance was good for me but there are no variations and a bit short.

Overall Rank: D

26.Antimatter Dimensions Tree(Some people*)

*Made by downvoid, epicness1582, and gapples2, also news ticker is made by Yahtzee.


Topic: Just an AD, but in TMT. Also has a news ticker. Some of them are taken from AD, but others only exists in this tree(for example, “You are 33% Despacit-Talp” and “TMTT is unrealistic because it implies that finished Despacit mods exist.”**) AD ripoff though

Length: 18-24 hrs. Endgame: Maybe all break infinity ups?

Layers: 2 layers and 3 side layers. C9 is changed to “All Dimension scales twice as fast, but tickspeed is raised to the 1.1” And C7 is changed to “Multiplier per 10 dimensions is 1.7”. But C9 has a bug that 2nd Dimension is unaffected by C9’s nerf. But C9 is still the hardest, and actually much harder than the original, but you don’t need to turn autobuyers off in C9 unlike AD. I recommend trying C9 after buying 80 IP up, which gives passive IP gain due to a bug. All hotkeys in AD work in this tree as well.

Balancing: Similar to AD but a bit faster. That is, the game is very slow but faster than the original. This tree has many bugs.

**Acamaeda, who created TMT and Candy Tree, said this in Jacorb’s server in ‘#pt-mods’ channel.

Misc: Breaking infinity can’t be undone, makes all autobuyers buy max, and unlocks new ups. Some achievements are changed, for example: “Definitely not worth it”->”Definitely worth it”(which is unlocked after buying a break infinity up)
Conclusion: This tree was similar to AD, but there are quite a few bugs that are annoying.

Overall Rank: D

27.A Prestige Tree Mod about Merging*(despacit**)

*Also called “APTMAM”. **Also called “Technokaguya” or “despacit2p0”.


Topic: Merging things. You can buy “mergeable”, and merge 2 identical objects into a better one. This game is inspired from “Scrap Clicker 2(SC2)”.

Length: 10-12 hrs. Endgame: Unlocked Scraps and powers

Layers: 5 layers and a side layer. Mergeables exist at layer 1, 2, and 5. You should merge them manually at first. But you’ll unlock auto merge in layer 1 and 2. Auto merge isn’t useful at first, but in the late-game their speed will be so fast that manual merge is useless. Layer 4 is a treasure layer, which is a gacha mechanic. Layer 2 resets layer 1 and scores. Layer 3 forces layer 2 reset and resets layer 2 as well. Layer 5 is unlocked when you maxed out a treasure.

Balancing: Slow and very grindy. You’ll grind manual merges a lot until late game. Also for layer 4, maxing out non-bonus levels isn’t hard, but maxing out bonus levels is very hard if you’re unlucky, as bonus levels are random.

Misc: You can’t make tier 10+ scrap mergeables. Holding buyables doesn’t work.

Conclusion: The game is unique, and also has a good amount of content. But the game is way too grindy, so you may feel bored. But you should try it if you’re looking for a unique TMT or a grindy TMT.

Overall Rank: C

28.Anti-Incrematter Tree*(1e1000000**)

*This review is based on v2.3c. **Also called “ee6”.


Topic: Similar to AD but replaced dimensions to buyables.

Length: 1-2 days. Endgame: e53 best Infinity Points and 11 IC1 completions.

Layers: 2 layers. Layer 1 has only 6 buyables in pre-layer 2, but you unlock 3 more at break infinity. You can’t go beyond 1.7977e308 Antimatter until you break infinity. Normal challenges in layer 2 are all changed, and they give boosts instead of automation. After breaking infinity, you unlock new ups and “IP Multiplier”. The 1st break infinity up unlocks Infinity power, 2nd~9th of them need infinity power, and the rest need IC1 completions.

Balancing: Very slow. Pre-Challenge is normal but after that you should expect timewalls that last 20+ mins. And you’ll grind infinities a lot, but fortunately due to auto infinities it turned into timewalls. If you’ve just done 11 IC1, then you should grind IP very much until e53 IP. However, IP gain beyond e50 is nerfed so the grinding will be longer than expected.

Misc: In the stats side layer you can see “Antimatter representation”. “Producer is OP” achievement is bugged so you can get it much easier.

Conclusion: This tree has many contents. But the extreme timewalls makes this game very boring and slow.

Overall Rank: D

29.The Prestige Rectangle*(gapples2) Glitch link
*This review is based on normal mode in v1.3.


Topic: A TMT whose shape is rectangular. And this tree is intended to be grindy.

Length: 7-10 hrs. Endgame: All achievements

Layers: 6 layers. All layers reset all prior stuff except achievements. But layer 1-3 have no QoL and layer 4-6 have QoL. Entering “The Prestige Triangle” in layer 5 forces layer 5 reset and removes layer 1. And Finishing it gives good rewards, you can finish it up to 5 times. Entering “The challenge” in layer 6 forces layer 6 reset.

Balancing: Normal speed but grindy. In both normal and grindless mode you should spam layer 1-4, and layer 6 clicks a lot. And if you unlocked “The challenge”, the gameplay becomes very strategic because you should choose nerfs wisely. You may think this is very hard, but fortunately there are some tips in layer 6. Here’s some extra tips if you’re stuck: Always remove: All L3 ups except the first, Keeper I, Keeper II, Don’t remove: Point Boosters, Keeper III, and all doubler-related ups. And push DE as much as possible before entering “The Challenge”. And if you’re almost at the end, keep in mind: you should remove all nerfs in “The Challenge” and set “The Prestige Triangle” limit to 10. And enter it and just do a normal run. Then you’ll notice that your gains are boosted.

Misc: You can enter “Grindless” mode, which reduces the grind.

Conclusion: This tree was fun for me, because it has many variations. But the extreme grind and the extreme strategy in the late game makes this game very hard.

Overall Rank: B

30.Number Tree: Extended*(gapples2)

*Number Tree is deleted so I review this instead. This review is based on v0.3.2.1.


Topic: Numbers and math stuff. Also includes some OM stuff.

Length: 5-6 hrs. Endgame: 1 Formula

Layers: 14 layers. Last 3 layers are empty. Row 2 layers reset row 1, Row 3 layers reset row 1 and row 2, row 4 layers reset row 1-3, 12th layer reset row 1-4, and 13th layer resets all prior stuff except achievements and gives a nerf but unlocks new stuff. And some stuff is removed as you play more, for example NN layer is removed after beating the final NN Chal. And most of layer 1-3 contents are removed as you progress, but layer 3 gets new stuff later. Also the “Exponentiation” tab in MS layer is removed after getting the last up in it. “GO META” button appears in the E layer later, which vastly inflates almost all stuff and unlocks new stuff in MS.

Balancing: Fast but grindy. You’ll click ups after a reset a lot. Also some ups can only be bought in chals, which is very annoying after resets, because it makes you enter chals again. So don’t hide chals in settings. The milestone pop up is very annoying as well, because after a row 4 reset, the pop ups appear so many times. But sadly you can’t disable it. And if you’re stuck at row 4, just grind them more or enter “Choose” with no nerfs. There are some points where you should check the achievements.

Misc: If you unlocked the “upgrade power” tab in the UF layer and you’re in this layer, clicking the UF node hides the stuff in the UF layer, but it can be solved by clicking the “upgrade power” tab.

Conclusion: The game is balanced very well. But there are so many distractions, such as milestone pop ups and some upgrades. It’ll be much better if there’s a toggle to hide milestone pop ups(just like the tree of life by pg132).

Overall Rank: C

31.The longest Tree*(Circle-gon**) link

*Also called “The Biggest Tree”.(Not longest at all) **Also called “Incremental_gamer”.


Topic: A sequel to “The Longest Incremental(TLI)”.(Not longest at all again) Both TLI and this tree are made by many devs and intended to be the longest, but both are abandoned shortly after.

Length: 1-2 hrs. Endgame: Get the 6th Reputation upgrade.

Layers: 4 layers and 2 side layers. Layer 1 has ups and “Garbage Collector” and “Garbage Incinerator” clickables. Difficulty layer nerfs points, but it becomes a buff later on. And there are 2 universes, one is normal and the other has a “Reputation” layer, which has ups that aren’t reset on difficulty reset.

Balancing: Slow and grindy. You’ll click layer 1 clicks a lot after a Difficulty reset.

Misc: The bees side layer does nothing.

Conclusion: Despite its name, this tree isn’t that long. In addition, this tree was painful for me, due to being very slow, especially in the early game.

Overall Rank: D

32.The Prestreestuck*(ducdat0507) link

*This review is based on v0., so it isn’t based on the “retcon” version.

Warning: I didn’t read “homestuck” at all(and never will). So if you’re a “homestuck” fan, expect the “poor” explanation for “homestuck”, sorry for that. Also beware of poor spoilers for “homestuck”.


Topic: Getting “Aspects” and “Classes” in homestuck, and getting meta and meta-meta.

Length: 2-3 days. Endgame: Max out Sburb.

Layers: 18 layers. This tree has 3 parts. Part 1 is about 12 aspects and early skaia. Part 2 is about classes, late skaia, and Prospit/Derse. Part 3 is about Meta-Meta, limitations, and faucets. The number of layers is reduced each part, part 1 has 13 layers, while part 2 has 5 and part 3 only has 1 layer. However, part 3 isn’t the shortest of all, part 2 is. Because part 3 layer has a LOT of tabs.

Balancing: Slow. The last 2 part 1 layers are especially slow, you may wait for 15+ mins between ups in those layers. Part 2 is the least interesting part, because it’s the shortest and has the least variations. Part 3 is very painful, because it has several timewalls and, limitations and sacrifices reset all prior progress, which makes you grind again, and yet again after their resets.

Misc: You can close all milestone pop ups, which makes them less annoying.

Conclusion: I could play this game despite not knowing homestuck at all, due to not being needed in this tree. However, the game was very painful due to its slowness and timewalls.

Overall Rank: C

33.Inflation Tree Plus*(Despacit)

*Some people think that this tree is finished. But the dev disagreed.


Topic: Inflation. But after getting F1.8e308(Number limit), point gain is nerfed.[x->log10(x+1)] But in return, you unlock a layer(max 3).

Length: 20-35 mins. Endgame: 100 Inflated games.

Layers: 5 layers. Each layer resets all higher rows. And this tree has no buyables or chals.

Balancing: Fast and easy. While getting 1 ID is super easy, getting more of them is harder. But it’s still easy. ID resets nothing at some point, after that getting 100 of them is super easy again. So this tree needs a slower balancing as well as new content.

Conclusion: This tree was too easy and too fast. In addition, this tree lacks a variation. And this tree was too short.

Overall Rank: F

34.Finish a despacit mod tree(downvoid) link


Topic: Finishing a despacit mod. However, finishing it isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

Length: 30-45 mins. Endgame: 1 Finished despacit mod.

Layers: 4 layers. But the F layer is empty. Layer 1 is about developing mods. But if the progress reaches 99%, you no longer progress and start to abandon your mods. Layer 2 is about those abandoned mods. Later on, you finally end up abandoning 1e6 of them. Then you unlock layer 3, which is about reducing the softcaps. If you push enough in layer 3, you finally finish a despacit mod.(but more than 999 999 mods left!)

Balancing: Fast and easy. You’ll never struggle in this game. Layer 2 is a bit grindy though.

Misc: You can’t keep going beyond the end. Holding buyables doesn’t work.

Conclusion: This tree is unique, but the lack of content makes this game less fun.

Overall Rank: D

35.Antreematter Dimensions(Jasperfr*)

*Also called “Jasper”. This review is based on v1.6.0.


Topic: A mod of AD, but something is different.

Length: 3-4 hrs. Endgame: 4096 IP

Layers: 4 layers. Layer 1 is about dimensions and their autobuyers. Layer 2 resets layer 1, which has speedrun milestones, ups, and buyables. Layer 3 resets layer 1 and 2, which has a merge minigame. Layer 4 resets layer 1-3, which has tree ups, chals, new dimensions.

Balancing: Fast. But you may struggle a bit at layer 2 speedrun. Also challenge 2 in layer 4 is “puzzle game”, but it gets easier with every chal completions. So I recommend you to try challenge 2 last if you’re bad at puzzles, but if you’re very good at puzzles, it’s worth trying challenge 2 first. And you can go beyond the endgame until “Infinity dimensions”

Misc: Red glow for layer 4 is bugged so layer 4 still glows even if you buy all their ups. Some achievements can’t be gotten due to bugs.

Conclusion: The game is much funnier than the original AD(I hate AD due to INSANE timewalls), since timewalls are greatly reduced. However, the lack of content makes this game less fun. In addition, Challenge 2 is a puzzle, which is confusing and annoying, and I hated this puzzle.

Overall Rank: D

36.Camellia Tree*(Tsuki**) link

*Not to be confused with ducdat0507’s rewrite.
**Also called “Tidalwave” and “ArcanaEden”.


Topic: Publishing songs.

Length: 10-15 mins.

Layers: 4 layers. Layer 1 is about making songs. Layer 2 is about albums. Layer 3 is about improving prior layers. Layer 4 is wip(no content in it).

Balancing: Fast and easy. You’ll never get stuck in this tree. And this tree’s layers lack content very much.

Misc: You can switch to standard notation(1e9=1B, 1e12=1T, 1e15=1Qa, 1e18=1Qt). And the background is different from the other TMTs.

Conclusion: This tree really lacks content. So it’s not worth playing it. However, note that it inspired the “ducdat0507’s rewrite”.

Overall Rank: F

37.Electric Tree(Sum)


Topic: Getting money and corrupting politics by growing electricity.

Length: 11-15 hrs. Endgame: 25 Corrupt boosts.

Layers: 10 layers and 3 side layers. All layers reset all higher rows. Side layers are about corrupting politics. And the game concept slowly becomes illegal as you progress.

Balancing: Very Painful. You’ll suffer a lot at “Gotta Go Fast”, which requires speedrun and hotkeys. Here’s a tip for it: Get money and then get workers before autobuy batteries. Use tge r key for max all buyables. Use the u key for max all ups. Get worker chal 1-3(4th one isn’t needed). And after some time you unlock a side layer, this layer’s ups are all timewalls. And the game becomes hell again at some points after that.

Misc: Pressing r key maxes out buyables. Pressing u key maxes out ups. Hotkeys side layer exists for mobile support. There’s a bug that battery buyables don’t show up in “Gotta Go Fast”, which makes it even harder.

Conclusion: The game has a good amount of content. But the game was way too painful at almost all times.

Overall Rank: C

38.Knockoff Tree(Loader3229)


Topic: A “Cookie Clicker” knockoff. But it has some stuff that can’t be found in “Cookie Clicker”, such as AD stuff.

Length: 7-10 hrs. Endgame: Buy Upgrade 255.

Layers: 4 layers. Layer 1 and layer 2 are about “Cookie Clicker”, but some cookie buildings, ups, and all chals in layer 2 are made by the dev. Layer 2 resets layer 1, 3, and 4. But layer 1 and 3 reset nothing and layer 4 only resets colors. Layer 3 is about “Antimatter dimensions”. Layer 4 is about “colors”, which is more like a minigame.

Balancing: Normal speed but grindy. You’ll click cookie buildings many times. Fortunately, some ups in layer 2 automate buildings without cost. Also you’ll click many ups in layer 1 after resets, but some ups in layer 2 keep some of them.

Misc: Holding buyables doesn’t work.

Conclusion: Despite its name, some content is made by the dev, such as layer 4. And the balancing was good. But the game was grindy.

Overall Rank: B

39.The Gwarnament Tree*(downvoid) link

*The changelog says it’s the final update. This review is based on v1. :gwa:


Topic: A tree for 2021 Christmas, that is, 2021/12/25. But with gwa and troll.

Length: 1 hr. Endgame: 90 Extremely scaled Gwarnaments.

Layers: 3 layers. All layers only reset points. And there’s no automation except passive gain for layer 2 and layer 3. Layer 1 is about “gwa” emoji, and has ups and clickables. Layer 2 and 3 are about trolling. Layer 2 also has a challenge.

Balancing: Normal speed. Early “more trolling” will be a bit slow. After some point, the trolling amount is massively increased but gets normal at about 1e90 of them. But the production is massively increased again after unlocking gwa clickables. But you can’t get 91+ Gwarnaments due to their scaling.

Misc: The game says “Made by Gwarnament#0557” instead of “Made by downvoid#0557”.

Conclusion: This tree was made for a special event. And this tree has more content than I think. But the insane inflation in the late game makes me spam clicking.

Overall Rank: C

40.Fruit Tree(usi1947)


Topic: Increasing fruits and seeds. All layers are in alphabetical order.

Length: 3 hrs. Endgame: 1e90 Dragonfruits.

Layers: 4 layers. All layers’ names are fruit names(apple, banana, coconut, and dragonfruit). All layers reset seeds and all prior layers. Layer 3 also has “coconut milk”, which has 30 ups(some of their names are fun for me.). Most of the ups are static boosts, but some ups are not. Milk upgrades 26-30 are unlocked after layer 4, which are really powerful static boosts.

Balancing: Normal speed but easy. The game really lacks strategy or some variations. And since there are no chals or tree ups in this tree, you won’t be stuck in this tree.

Misc: You can’t get the last milestone in layer 4. This tree doesn’t exist in most websites.

Conclusion: This tree has good balancing and has decent length, but lacks the uniqueness and strategy. In addition, there are only a few ups that are based on some currencies, making all ups in prior layers become useless, except the exponential boost.

Overall Rank: C

41.64 Layers Tree(downvoid*)
*Co-worked with “TheMkeyholder”.


Topic: A generic TMT.

Length: 1 hr. Endgame: Get the last up in layer 4.

Layers: 4 layers, unlike the name. Layer 1 has 15 ups and 2 chals. Layer 2 resets layer 1 and has 6 ups and milestones. Milestones in layer 2 is QoL, which keeps or automates layer 1 stuff. Layer 3 and layer 4 resets are the same as layer 2. Layer 3 has 9 ups and 1 buyable. Layer 4 has 9 ups and 1 repeatable chal. Some layer 1 ups are obtained in layer 2. And layer 2 is passively gained later, even if you can’t reset for them.

Balancing: Fast and very easy. You’ll never get stuck in this tree.

Conclusion: This game was too fast. And this game lacks content and uniqueness. So I don’t recommend playing it.

Overall Rank: D

42.The Formula Tree*(Unpogged**) Test site
*Not to be confused with “The Formula” by Jacorb90. This review is based on v0.12.
**Also called “Not_pog” and “Kenjie3870”.


Topic: A tree of “Addition”, “Multiplication”, and “Exponentiation”.

Length: 12-15 hrs. Endgame: All achievements.

Layers: 2 layers. Layer 1 is about the formula with buyables. Also it has some automation that is unlocked later on. Layer 2 resets all layer 1 stuff, including their automation. It also has ups, chals, and molecules. Layer 1 req is increased based on itself. Layer 2 req is based on the total amount of itself. Molecules affect things(boosts points, reduces layer 1 and layer 2 req.). Layer 2 chals are supposed to be completed in order.

Balancing: Extremely slow and very grindy. You’ll repeat rebirth resets so many times for ups. And it’s so annoying that all automation(and even toggles) are reset on Rebirth reset.

Conclusion: This game was a bit unique, but was extremely slow and extremely repetitive. And I think it’s actually contentless, but this repetition made the game much longer. If you doubt the rank below, note that the standard for content is the “Hours of content”, not the “Hours of playtime”. That is, the long but contentless games aren’t considered as the ones with much content.

Overall Rank: D

43.The Content Tree(Despacit)


Topic: Extending content.

Length: 50-60 mins. Endgame: 15 Content Unlocks.

Layers: 4 layers and 2 side layers. But layer 4 is empty. Side layer 2 resets nothing and provides automation. Side layer 1 resets all prior progress but unlocks new content. Layer 1 has ups. Layer 2 resets layer 1, and there are buildings(buyables) that can be refunded, because layer 2 is a static layer. Layer 3 resets layer 1 as well, and there are buyables(can’t be refunded), and ups that can be refunded. Layer 3 ups’ cost increases based on bought ups in layer 3.

Balancing: Normal speed but strategic later. Layer 2 is strategic, as you should choose it wisely. Building alpha is the strongest of all. If you don’t unlock building epsilon, then buy all building alpha and ignore the others. If you unlocked building epsilon, buy 3 of them and put all the other bricks into building alpha. And never buy building delta since it’s useless. Layer 3 ups are strategic as well, so buy them in this order if there are 6 ups: “3rd->6th->5th->4th->others”. If you unlocked 3 more: “3rd->6th->5th->4th->7th~9th->others”

Conclusion: This tree was unique and was fun while it lasted. But this tree was short, and also most layers are strategic ones, which is annoying for me.

Overall Rank: D

44.The User Tree(1e1000000)


Topic: A tree whose ups’ names are TMT discord users.

Length: 2-3 hrs. Endgame: 1e112100 points.

Layers: 4 layers and 4 side layers. Layer 1 has ups. Layer 1 ups’ description also has the corresponding user’s story. Layers 2 and 3 are empty, but have their own effect. Layer 4 has ups that are similar to layer 1. Side layer 1 has your stats. Side layer 2 has 13 achievements, some of which are important. Side layer 3 has permanent chals that are all repeatable, up to 10 times.

Balancing: Normal speed but very grindy. You’ll click for layer 1 reset a lot for their ups, until the passive gain. Layer 4 is also grindy for the same reason.

Misc: Some ups’ effect has the same number as the one in the corresponding user’s name. For example, “(Normal-6)okamii17” multiply points by 17 and prestige points by 1.7. By the way, “okamii17” is mod-creator who made the stardust tree. Side layer 4 is just for fun and does nothing, so you can safely ignore it.
Conclusion: The game was fun and had good balancing. Except that some things are grindy.

Overall Rank: C

45.The User Tree 2*(1e1000000)
*Also called “The User Tree 2: Omeganum Edition”, because it uses “Omeganum.js”, but a modified one.


Topic: The same as “The user Tree”. But the layers are more like “The Prestige Tree”.

Length: 2-3 hrs. Endgame: Check the changelog ingame.

Layers: 4 layers and 3 side layers. Layer 1 is the same as “The User Tree”. Side layers 2, 3 are the same as side layer 1, 2 in “The User Tree”, respectively. Side layer 1 has 2 buyables. The 1st one generates and then boosts points. The 2nd one unlocks new content. Also you should enter that layer before starting. Layers 2~4 resets layer 1 and have ups. Layer 4 also resets layer 2 and 3, and has a buyable that unlocks QoL and boosts things. But layer 4 buyable is capped at some levels.

Balancing: Similar as the user tree, but more grindy. For the same reason as The User Tree, layers 1 and 4 are grindy.

Misc: “Omeganum.js” is the number library whose number limit is even higher than “Break_Eternity.js”. But it’s pointless for this tree, actually “Break_Infinity.js” is enough, because it already has a number limit of e9e15, while Break_Eternity.js has F1.798e308.

Conclusion: The game was fun as well, but was grindy. And it has a stupidly high number limit, so the export save file will be very long, causing lags if pasted in another place.

Overall Rank: D

46.The Data Tree(Noth4re*) link
*Also called “Not-h4re” and “Transientdream”. This review is based on v1.04.


Topic: Computer Data. But it’s a bit different.

Length: 30-40 mins. Endgame: 3MB, 1 EB upgrade and 1 EB.

Layers: 4 layers and 1 side layer. Layer 3 only has a reset button that resets layers 1 and 2. Layer 1 has 13 ups and 3 buyables. They’re not generic though. Layer 2 resets layer 1 and has 2 subtabs. The 1st subtab has 7 ups and 2 buyables. The 2nd subtab has 8 ups and 4 buyables. Note that all buyables have max level. Side layer has milestones that provide new content/QoL. Layer 4 resets all prior progress and has only 1 up. :ab::ab::ab::ab::ab:

Balancing: Fast. Although before v1.03 it was slow. But you’ll grind some bytes for ups. And KB upgrade 5~7 requires a lot of clicks. But hotkey(K) and “Hold to reset” button help this a lot. If they don’t exist, this should be much harder for both mobile and PC players. Layer 4 resets all prior progress, so it’ll take some time to recover.

Misc: Until v1.02, this game was very slow and grindy. But v1.03 made this game too fast. v1.04 made this game a bit slower. “:a:” subtab in the MB layer is unlocked when you buy the last AB up, but v1.04 removed this and made the last :ab: up useless.

Conclusion: This game was fun, but has not so much content. In addition, the game was still too fast.

Overall Rank: D

47.The Tree Of* Death(Patfr)
*The name should be “The Tree of Death”, but the dev named it “The Tree Of Death”.


Topic: Deadly things. And this tree is inspired by pg132’s “The Tree of Life”.

Length: 2-2.5 hrs. Endgame: 15 Lethal gain and 15 Healthy gain.

Layers: 3 layers. Layer 1 resets nothing and has 15 ups. Layer 2 resets layer 1 and has milestones and 1 buyable. Layer 3 resets layer 1 and 2, and has milestones in the 1st subtab. Layer 3’s 2nd subtab is reset on layer 3 reset, and has “Venom” that has 3 buyables and 10 ups at first. But at 3 layer 3 resets, “Chemicals” are added to this subtab, which has 2 buyables, and ups. And “Venom” content is extended at 3 resets as well.

Balancing: Normal speed but repetitive. At layer 2 you should repeat layer 2 resets a lot. Layer 3 is a static layer so it’s less repetitive than layer 2. But you should repeat production content after layer 3 resets, so it’s still repetitive. Achievements aren’t that important and all of them don’t require strategy, but note that they multiply layer 1 amount. So if you’re stuck at layer 1, you should wait for them.

Misc: Some achievements can’t be completed.

Conclusion: The game was repetitive, and was short. Nonetheless, the game was fun and has some unique content.

Overall Rank: C

48.The Synergism Tree(Patfr)


Topic: A tree about the game “Synergism”.

Length: 30-40 mins. Endgame: e8 Diamonds.

Layers: 4 layers. Layers 1, 2 and 4 reset nothing. Layer 1 has buyables that produce or boost coins. Layers 2 and 4 have ups that boost layer 1. Layer 3 reset layer 1 and layer 2. Layer 3 has buyables that boost coins, and also has milestones that automate layer 1. Quarks do nothing, which can be earned by achievements.

Balancing: Fast and easy. Strategies aren’t required at all.

Misc: You can go past the end, for example, you can get e9 diamonds in 1 reset.

Conclusion: The game executed Synergism’s early game very well. However, this game was too short and fast.

Overall Rank: D

49.The Gaming Tree*(medsal15) link/ Githack link
*This review is based on v0.B.6.


Topic: Killing monsters and getting RPG stuff, but with a bit bigger numbers.

Length: 13-16 hrs. Endgame: Alternate all row 1 layers.

Layers: 9 layers and 5 side layers. Row 1 layers and all side layers reset nothing. Layer 1 is about killing monsters and getting xp. The L layer is about skills and their levels. The Loot layer is about getting items. The L and Loot layers reset all row 1 layers. Boss layer has chals. Main Bosses and Mini Bosses reset row 1 and row 2, which can’t be exited. Main Bosses are entered automatically if requirements are fulfilled. Also Main Bosses unlock new layers. Mini Bosses are unlocked when you beat Main Bosses, which can be entered at any time. Relics are unlocked when you beat Mini Bosses, which unlocks side layers and can be entered at any time. The M layer is about mining. The F layer is about crafting advanced materials. The T layer is about chopping trees and getting planks. The S layer is about getting financial stuff, such as investing. The A layer is about alternating the layers. Alternated layer 1 is changed to taming monsters;tamed ones produce xp. Alternate M layer is changed to building a city and buildings. The Alternate T layer is changed to gardening;you can unlock seeds and grow plants. Achievements and its alternate version does nothing. Clocks side layer speeds up time in every layer, which can be boosted by spending resources. In the tokens side layer you can swap resources. In magic side layer you can change elements.

Balancing: Very grindy and slow. You’ll struggle in the 2nd boss, even if you got clocks. The 3rd Boss is also very hard, because of the complex crafting recipe. And the game becomes more complex with every boss clear. The late game is easy though.

Conclusion: The game was unique and has much content, but was grindy.

Overall Rank: B

50.NG+Infinite*(Citrine**) link
*Also called “NG+Inf”, this review is based on v4.
**Also called “Komputer Cast”, “Niko”, “Zittara”, and “lun4-r”.


Topic: A “NG+ Themed” Tree, but only contains “NG+”.Yet another MVGT ripoff.

Length: 2-3 hrs. Endgame: 1 Fluid.

Layers: 5 layers. Getting “NG+” resets all prior progress. Row 2 resets row 1 layer, which has ups. Row 1 also has ups, which are automated later on. Row 3 resets nothing, which is also a grindy part due to lots of clicking. Row 3 has resources, which are automated by workers in this layer. Row 3 also has permanent buyables that boosts points.

Balancing: Easy in pre-NG+9 but very grindy at NG+9. Row 3 layer is extremely grindy. In addition, worker speed is slower than manual clicks. So you’ll feel this game slow without clicking.

Misc: NG+10 is almost impossible. You can change notations in settings.

Conclusion: This game was fun, but was too grindy at the late game and a bit short.

Overall Rank: C

51.Floppa Tree*(Magmalis)
*Not to be confused with “Floppa Tree” by dumb cat.


Topic: Growing Flops.

Length: 10-13 mins. Endgame: Unlock layer 3.

Layers: 3 layers. But layer 3 is empty. Layer 1 has ups that boosts flops and layer 1. Layer 2 has 3 chals that are non-repeatable. Achievements does nothing. And layer 2 chals’ names are about the battle(Flop vs. Bingus). Layers 1 and 2 only resets floppa points. Layer 3 resets layers 1 and 2.

Balancing: Normal speed but very easy. If you’re stuck at layer 2 chals, just grind more outside of them.

Conclusion: Despite the good balancing, the game was way too short to enjoy.

Overall Rank: F

52.The Ouroboros Protocol*(Epicboss32)
*This game was made for “Profectus Creation Jam”, whose theme is “Break The Cycle”. And this tree was made in “Profectus” by thepaperpilot. This review is based on v1.0.


Topic: Getting more cycles.

Length: 6-7 hrs.

Layers: 4 layers. Layers 2~4 reset all prior progress. Layer 1 is about cycle, which makes point gain fluctuate. Layer 1 has ups and 3 buyables that changes that cycle. Some buyables in layer 1 resets some things. Layer 1 also has chals that reset some layer 1 stuff. Layer 2 only has ups, which boosts points. Layer 3 is about breaking the cycle, which includes both buff and nerf. Layer 4 only has 1 challenge that resets all things on entry and on exit.

Balancing: Very Slow and grindy. You should wait or grind for layer 1 buyables in early game, because it costs layer 1 currency and requires an upgrade effect of at least some number. Layer 3 is strategic, because they include both buffs and nerfs. Layer 4 chal is hard, because it resets all and gives nerf on entry.

Conclusion: The idea and the design of the tree was unique. However, the extreme grind and slowness makes this game boring. Nonetheless, it’s worth trying.

Overall Rank: C

53.The Modding Tree Tree 2*(downvoid)
*Although it’s not the sequel to another, the name is “The Modding Tree Tree 2”. Rip TMTT.


Topic: Developing TMT. But unlike “Game Dev Tree”, its focus is more on TMT itself.

Length: 1-2 hrs. Endgame: Unlock member buyable.

Layers: 11 layers. Row 2 layers reset layer 1. Row 3 layers reset row 2. But row 4 only reset seconds. Row 5 only reset row 4(not ups or milestones). Layer 1 ups’ names are all mod-creators’ names, except 2 of them. Row 5 layers delete the last 5 row 4 ups, which are about TMT discord.

Balancing: Slow at layer 1 but insanely fast at row 2-4. You’ll unlock many layers in a short time. However, after reaching row 4, things become normal again.

Conclusion: The game was good, but was way too fast at mid game.

Overall Rank: D

54.The Null Tree(vgakbzc)


Topic: Increasing Null Points.

Length: 6~7 hrs. Endgame: 3 Eternity Points.

Layers: 9 layers and 3 side layers. Layer 1(C) only resets null points, which has 16 ups(4 of them are unlocked later). Row 2 layers reset layer 1, which has 3 milestones and 1 buyable each. Layer 6(Inf) resets all prior layers, which has a repeatable chal, and 12 ups. Layer 7(S) resets row 1 and 2, which has 12 ups and 10 buyables. Note that 4 buyables in layer 7 is a reference to AD. Layer 8(P) resets row 1 and 2, which has 4 ups. Layer 9(Et) resets all prior layers. In addition, layer 9 nerfs things(but implicitly) a lot, starting at 2 of them. However, it unlocks new ups, buyables, and bars at 2 Et. Side layer 1(Achievements) are almost useless, but some of them are important. Side layer 2(Inertia) has 4 buyables, but you gain Inertia only if your Null points/s are low. Side layer 3(Automation) has toggles tgat are related to automation. It also has a toggle that “Nerfs Null Points but always get inertia”.

Balancing: Normal speed. However, a star up that costs 150 stars will be hard to get, as you can’t buy max stars at that time and cost increases past 100.

Misc: Row 2 layers(Air, Fire, Earth, Water) are the “Classical element”.

Conclusion: The game was well-balanced. However, the game was a but short. And some parts were grindy.

Overall Rank: C

55.Counting Tree(gapples2)


Topic: Counting. This tree is intended to be very grindy. You can input the number to count, but counting can also occur automatically.

Length: 2~2.5 hrs. Endgame: 14 Achievements.

Layers: 3 layers. Layer 1 is about counting, which resets nothing and has 4 buyables that boost the counting interval. It also has 9 ups, and 2 token buyables. Layer 2 is about a battery that boosts counting temporarily. It also has milestones that keep layer 1 stuff. Layer 3 is about boosting the counting, but it has 4 buyables that raise counting to an exponent. Achievements are important in this game, which is permanent.

Balancing: Grindy(same as intended). You’ll click layer 1 buyables after resets a lot.

Conclusion: This game was grindy. In addition, the game was too short.

Overall Rank: D

56.Shenanigans Tree Rewritten(Oleg*)

*Also called “xxxolegxxx”, “mugen”, and “Holy Broly”. This review is based on v1.0.1.


Topic: A rewrite of “Shenanigans Tree” by Oleg, which is about the useless spams.

Length: 15~17 hrs. Endgame: 36 Achievements

Layers: 4 layers and 2 side layers. Layer 1 has ups that can be added by side layer 1. Side layer 1 also has a boost and QoL milestones. Layer 2 reset nothing and has ups and buyables, which have very long irrelevant descriptions. Layers 3 and 4 reset layers 1 and 2, which are static layers. Layer 1 also has chals that are unlocked by ups. Side layer 2 is the achievements layer, which is permanent and also important. Layer 3 also has a minigame.

Balancing: Normal speed. It’s very grindy for mobile players due to layer 1. Layer 3 minigames will be hard if you’re bad at rhythm games.

Misc: Beating “The Endgamers’ Revengence” is impossible, it’s intended.

Conclusion: The game goes fine for me. But the game was a bit short. And the minigame was hard.

Overall Rank: C

57.Christmas Tree(yhvr*)

*Also called “yhvrwastaken”, who also made “”. This review is based on v0.3.


Topic: Christmas. This game starts with light theme, so beware.

Length: 30-40 mins. Endgame: 16 Toys.

Layers: 4 layers. Later 1(E) is about hiring elves, which has 6 ups and 2 buyables. Later 2(M) resets layer 1, which has milestones, chals, and ups. Layer 4(TO) resets layer 1, which has buyables that are AD references. It also has milestones and ups. Layer 3(T) also resets layer 1, which has 9 ups and 2 buyables.

Balancing: Slow. But it’s not grindy, so the game has a decent balance.

Misc: Layer 1 is invisible temporarily if you start. Layer 1 buyable 2 does nothing.

Conclusion: The game was too short and a bit slow. So this tree is bad, despite the unique concept. The game was fun while it lasted though.

Overall Rank: D

58.The Fame Tree*(Jezzacozzie) link


*This review is based on v0.4.0.

Topic: Being a famous person.

Length: 4-5 hrs. Endgame; e100 Fame.

Layers: 6 layers. Layer 1(F) has 25 ups, some of which are added later on. Layer 2(V) resets layer 1, which has 9 ups and a buyable. Layer 3(I) resets layer 1, which has 9 ups and 3 buyables. Layer 4(K) resets layer 1, which has 18 ups and 4 buyables. Layers 2~4 also have milestones that keep or automate layers. Note that layer 2’s effect is enabled only if you bought at least 1 layer 2 buyable 1. Row 3 layers reset row 1 and row 2, which has achievements that are simply QoL or that boost things. Note that there are 2 row 3 layers, but selecting one will lock the other. But you’ll unlock both later on. And some achievements are important, so you should look at them.

Balancing: Normal speed but very grindy. The grind is more apparent if you unlocked layer 3, because you should spam click for them. For example, layer 3 upgrade 9 requires about 100~120 clicks, and Karma milestone 5’s 2nd req will require you 350+ clicks. Row 3 layers are more grindy, as you should repeat the same things mentioned above, every reset, until keeping karma milestones.

Conclusion: The game was fun and has a decent length, but was extremely grindy. I think karma milestone 5’s req should be lowered to 10 000 total Neutral Karma & 5 advertisements. And the req for unlocking both row 3 should be lowered to 70.

Overall Rank: C

59.Incrementali Tree(Despacit)


Topic: Growing “Incrementali”, which is boosted by itself.

Length: 2-3 hrs. Endgame: 1 followers.

Layers: 7 layers and 2 side layers. Layer 1(R) has 9 ups. Layers 2 and 3 reset layer 1, which are static layers. Layer 2(S) has a milestone which keeps layer 1 ups. Layer 2 also has 6 ups, which cost singularity power. Singularity power is passively gained based on layer 2 amount. Layer 3(I) has 2 milestones which keep layer 1 ups and automate layer 1. Layer 3 also has 2 buyables, which can be refunded. But refunding them isn’t recommended. Row 3 layers reset row 1 and 2, except layers 3 and 6(Sh) buyables. Layer 4(P) has milestones that keep some things. Layer 4 also has 9 ups, the 1st one is very powerful later on. Layer 5(E) has 2 chals, both of which are repeatable(max 25) and which unlock new layer at 1st completion. Layer 6(Sh) resets nothing and has 6 buyables, 3 of them unlocked later on. Layer 7(C) has 6 buyables, the 1st one does nothing. Side layer 2 has 2 buyables that can be refunded.

Balancing: Slow but not grindy. It’ll be a timewall at unlocking layer 4, which takes 1000 sec. Unlocking layer 7 also takes some time.

Misc: There are many typos in this game. For example, “Prestige (points)” should be “Research (points)”, and “Points” should be “Incrementali”.

Conclusion: The game isn’t that unique. And this tree is a bit short and slow.

Overall Rank: D

60.One layer Tree(Seder3214)


Topic: A tree with 1 layer.

Length: 40-60 mins. Endgame: e3 Tree essence.

Layers: 1 layer. But it has many subtabs. Subtab 1 is “particles”, which has ups. Particles are passively gained. Subtab 2 is “Playtime rewards”, which has milestones that can be gotten with enough playtime. Subtab 3 is “void”, which is the same as subtab 1. Subtab 4 is “dice”, which has clickables whose reward is random. Subtab 5 is “Time”, which boosts time speed. Subtab 6 is “mega”, which has 9 buyables. Subtab 7 is “mega robots”, which has 10 ups. Subtab 8 is “Infinity”, which has some clickables, milestones, and 8 ups. Subtab 9 is “Infinity Tree”, which has 7 ups. Subtab 10 is “Planetary event”, which does nothing and has some buyables and ups

Balancing: Fast and easy. This game is so fast that you’ll be busy buying stuff.

Misc: You can go beyond endgame, such as 1220 Tree essence up(it’s possible) and completing subtab 10. And you can’t roll dice anymore if the time speed is fast.

Conclusion: This tree was too fast to relax. And it was short, and was just a generic TMT, other than having many subtabs.

Overall Rank: D

61.IMR Tree(Seder3214)


Topic: A mod of “Incremental Mass Rewritten” by Mrredshark77. All things are the same as the original. But it’s a bit harder.

Length: 6-8 hrs. Endgame: 1 Dark Matter.

Layers: 3 Layers. Layer 1(Mass) has “buyables”, “ranks” and “tiers”. “Ranks” reset mass and buyables. “Tiers” reset ranks, mass, and buyables. And the cost of ranks is based on itself(also applies to tiers). Layer 2(Rage) resets all layer 1 stuff, which has 6 ups and 1 buyable(tickspeed). It also has QoL ups. Layer 3(Dark matter) is unfinished and is empty.

Balancing: Slow and grindy. Layer 1 will be timewall, especially when you wait for next tier. Layer 2 is very grindy, as you should start over after reset.

Misc: Despite layer 3 being wip, you can still reset for them(don’t do it just in case).

Conclusion: The game was contentless. And the game was slow. The game totally needs more content and balancing patch.

Overall Rank: D

62.The Formula(Jacorb90) Githack link


Topic: A tree with math formulas, which are based on time. (formula details can be found in misc of this review.)

Length: 3-4 hrs. Endgame: 47 Goals.

Layers: 4 layers and a side layer. Layers 1~3 are in alphabetical order(A, B, C). Layers 1~3 reset points and adds to variables ‘a’/’b’/’c’(in order). Layer 1 has ‘avolve’ and a buyable. Avolve is based on points and a buyable divides the cost of it. Layer 2 has “Batteries”. You can’t turn all them on until the late game, although all of them are buff. Layer 3 has “clock”, which is based on reset time but the days in the clock decays by time. Layer 4 resets all stuff except goals and layer 4, which is empty but gives a big boost. Goals are very important.

Balancing: Slow but not grindy. There should be some timewalls, but you shouldn;t stuck if you missed nothing.

Misc: Point gain at the endgame is n(st)=t^(b+6c+log10(a+1)+IP+2)aB201*Goals/(IP-1)!

In the formula above, “s” is timespeed, “t” is the seconds after reset. And ‘a’ multiplies points by ‘a’ and log10 of (a+1) adds to ‘t’ exponent. “b” and “c” adds to ‘t’ exponent. B201 is 1 when “B201” is turned off, and is B201’s effect when turned on, which multiplies points. ‘Goals’ is the goals completed, which multiplies points. But some goals have own rewards. ‘IP’ is determined by your “Integration points”, which adds to ‘t’ exponent but divides points by the (IP-1)!, the “!” is called “Factorial”.

n!=12…*n, where n is a positive integer. Also 0!=1. So you may think that factorials are only defined at all non-negative integers, but it’s actually not because it’s defined at all real numbers except negative integers. The definition of the factorial can be found here(Including the graph.). In fact, variable ‘IP’ can be a non-integer number.

Conclusion: The game was fun for me, but was short and slow, although it’s a side project.

Overall Rank: C

63.The Communitree(ducdat0507) link


Topic: A TMT about Incremental games, including TMT.

Length: 4-7 days. Endgame: GG1.539 points

Layers: 5 Layers. Layer 1(Jacorb) has 40 ups. It also has “The Prestige Tree” tab, which has layers in TPTC and TPTR until row 5. Each layers in this tab act like prestige layers, which means that it resets all prior rows and layer 1 points(but not ups). Layer 2(Aarex) has several ups. And “Simplify Things a Bit” upgrade remove the most layer 1 content but vastly buff other things. Layer 2 also has “Antimatter Dimensions” tab(Although it’s not Aarex’s.), which has 10 dimensions. You may doubt Dimension 9 and 10 exist, but why not?

Later on, you unlock layer 3(Acamaeda). And yes, TMT and “The candy tree(I’ll call it TCT)” is made by Acamaeda, which is exactly layer 3 has. But resetting for layer 3 resets all prior things and also removes most layer 2 content. But things inflate a lot shortly after, due to ups in it. And later on you unlock TCT tab, which has TCT stuff but very extended version. After finishing TCT, it is removed shortly after. But you unlock TMT, which initially has TMT components. After some time, you unlock the skill tree, which can be refunded.

Layer 4(Thefinaluptake) has “The Burning Tree(I’ll call it TBT)” stuff. But unlike TBT, it’s not tree and has buyables in all 3 layers. After you finishing TBT, it’s removed. And after some time you unlock layer 5(Despacit).

Layer 5’s 1st subtab has buyables and ups whose names are mostly “Despacit mods”, except “AltTPT”, which is made by yhvr.(despacit’s modded version is called “DespATPT”.) Layer 5’s 2nd and 3rd subtabs are similar to “APTMAM”, which are about merging things. It’s very, very extended so it’s very long. Layer 5’s 4th subtab is “Giftcodes”, which is about entering giftcodes for rewards But after a long time you unlock “Giftcode Hunter”, which is a text-based puzzle. And eventually you’ll finish layer 5, but it’s removed again after that.

Balancing: Very painful and slow. The game is painful all the time. The “real” pain is layer 5, because the ups are “mostly same” ones, too long and too grindy. In addition, giftcode hunter was very painful and very hard for me, because I’m bad at puzzles.

Misc: You can change number format. The name is “The Community”+”Tree”. Offline time is bugged so offline time is force enabled even if you turn it off.

Conclusion: The game has some unique ideas. However, the insane grind, pain, and the similar ups in layer 5 makes this game very boring. And most importantly, Giftcode Hunter shouldn’t exist in this game. Because this is incremental game, so it shouldn’t have non-incremental stuff; if you want to put them, it should be just a minigame that can be “ignored”. So I can say it defeats a “purpose” of “incremental games”, so it’s the worst case. I’ll NEVER play again.

Overall Rank: F- (Worst)

64.Despacit Tree Delta(Despacit)


Topic: A tree with greek letters.

Length: 1-2 hrs. Endgame: e400 points

Layers: 8 layers. Rows 1 and 2 are the same as “TPTC”, which has 3 layers. Row 3 has 5 layers. Selecting 1 of the layers 4(Dilation), 5(Enhance), and 6(Replicanti) increases the req of the others. And Layers 2~4, 6~8 are all static layers. Layer 4 has a challenge that works like “Refactoring” in game dev tree. Layer 5 is the same as TPTC. Layer 6 boosts replicanti growth speed. Note that replicanti growth is exponential, that is, it multiplies by a constant each second. But it has a max amount in this tree, can be increased by buyable 1 in layer 6. Layer 7(perks) has some buyables, but you can select only a few of them. Layer 8(Stadium) has chals.

Balancing: Normal speed but you can stuck. Never select “Dilation” first, because this will make you stuck. So select ‘Enhance” or “Replicanti” first. Others are fine.

Misc: Holding buyables doesn’t work.

Conclusion: This tree was short and lacks variation. In addition, some things make you stuck without warning or save bank, which is critical balancing issue.

Overall Rank: D

65.The Formula Extended*(Shinwmyste**) link

*Also called “The Set Formula” This review is based on v1.0.12.
**Also called “Shinmi124” and “mysterious_124”, who is also a Chinese dev.


Topic: A mod of “The Formula” by Jacorb90.

Length: 3-4 hrs. Endgame: Unlock meta

Layers: 6 layers and 2 side layers. But layer 6(meta) is unfinished. Layer 1(A-Power) has 2 bars, both of which are “Avolve” bar but the 2nd bar is unlocked much later. Layer 1 also has a buyable that divides the req of both bars.

Layer 2(Alpha Energy) resets Layer 1, which also nerfs timespeed but also has 2 buffs, but you can’t set both buffs to max. Later on, nerf of layer 2 is removed. Some time later, you can set both buffs to max.

Layer 3(Spin) is a luck based layer(resets nothing), since the effect of spinning is random(but not nerfs).

Layer 4(B-Power) resets layers 1~3, which have a battery toggle(unlocked later), turning it on changes the spin effect and battery bar is enabled.

Side layer 1(Goals) reset nothing, and have goals, which are important. Side layer 2(Glory) resets all prior stuff but gives very helpful QoLs and very powerful buffs.

Layer 5(Compressed points) requires unlocking, but unlocking it literally resets “ALL” progress, including glory. That is, you should start over after that. Luckily, you don’t have to unlock it again and also it’ll be MUCH faster due to the massive buffs from it, including the fact that the 2nd avolve bar is unlocked after unlocking layer 5.

Balancing: Slow at the start but fast later on. After getting 0 timespeed getting the next goal will be a timewall. Also the last goal will be a timewall. After unlocking layer 5 you’ll suffer a bit, although it gives massive buffs.

Misc: Before v1.0, your save can’t export before spins(It’s fixed now.). And you can choose languages(English and Chinese) at the start.

Conclusion: The tree was really fun, actually more satisfying than the original. However, the early game was bad.

Overall Rank: C

66.The Energy Factory(CharizUniv)


Topic: Growing energy. Also the game is similar to AD.

Length: 20-23 hrs. Endgame: Fully complete “Surge Challenge #6”.

Layers: 3 Layers and 2 side layers. Layer 1(Energy) resets nothing, which has 6 multipliers that buffs energy. Layer 1 also has ups, some of which are buffed later. Layer 2(Surge) and 3(Energy Bank) reset layer 1, both of which have milestones. Layer 2 also has 6 chals that can be beaten 5 times. The first 4 chals are unlocked at e100 energy and you have to beat all of them to increase the limit. After beating all 4 chals, the energy limit increased to e1000, which also unlocks layer 3. Layer 2 also has ups that unlocks and bought with energy. Layer 2 has buyables too, which boosts energy. The last 2 Surge chals’ goals increases with completions, which are unlocked later on. Side layer 1(Achievements) isn’t important, as it can be unlocked with progression. Side layer 2(Automation) automates layer 1, except ups.

Balancing: Insanely slow but easy. The game goes fine until reaching e100 energy. However, after reaching that, most surge chals will be timewalls*. After beating all 4 of them, the timewalls will be MUCH worse, you should wait 50+ mins every row 2 reset. For completing “Surge Challenge #6(x5)”, you should wait for over 1 hr.
However, I can say that it’s an easy game, because it doesn’t need strategies at all.
*You should beat #1(1~3) first.

Misc: Buffed ups’ titles are green. So those are hard to distinguish with background color.

Conclusion: This game wasn’t that unique. And the almost the whole game was timewalls, which makes this game very boring. Although this game has a decent amount of content, the balancing looked very poor to me.

Overall Rank: D

67.The Unnamed Tree(Sum)


Topic: A Tree with no name. Layers have names though.

Length: 3-4 hrs. Endgame: 7 Light points and 5 dark points

Layers: 9 layers and a side layer. Side layer(QoL) resets nothing and has ups that keeps or automates things. Side layer ups are always kept, but not resources. Layer 1(Unnamed points) has ups that are continually added. Layer 1 also has 3 buyables. Layers 2(Super points) and 3(Average points) reset layer 1, both of which have ups that are also continually added. Layers 4(Hyper points), 5(Bonus), and 6(power) reset layers 1~3, all of which have ups that are sometimes added. Layer 4 also has 2 buyables. Layers 7(Reset), 8(Light), and 9(Dark) reset layers 1~6, all of which are static layers and which have ups. Note that there are no chals or milestones.

Balancing: Fast but a bit grindy. You’ll grind resets at static layers. But non-static layers aren’t grindy. Also this tree has no timewall at all.

Conclusion: This tree was very fun, since it has very good balancing. But this tree lacks TMT components, due to only having ups and buyables.

Overall Rank: B

68.The Game Tree(Shinwmyste) Githack link


Topic: A tree about RPG stuff. This is similar to “The Gaming Tree” by medsal15(check the 49th review for this.). But this tree came earlier than the one by medsal15.

Length: 7-10 hrs. Endgame: 1 Iron.

Layers: 9 Layers and a side layer. Side layer has 7 hidden achievements that do nothing. Layer 1(Wood) has 10 ups, 5 of them are added later. The 5th Wood up unlocks layer 2(Stone). Layer 2 is always unlocked once you have it. Layer 2 resets layer 1, which has QoL milestones, 5 ups, and 4 chals. Layers 3(ATK), 4(Blood), and 5(Copper) are unlocked if you beat the final layer 2 chal. Layer 3 resets layer 4, which has 5 clickables(2 of them added later). Layers 4 and 5 reset nothing, both of which can be gotten by the clickables in layer 3. Layer 5 resource is rare and does nothing until you unlock copper ups. Layer 4 has ups that unlocks runes. Runes are buyables that boosts some things. Layer 6(Blood Magic) resets layer 4, which unlocks new buyables in layer 4. Layer 7(Coal) resets layers 1, 2, 4, and 6. Layer 7 has milestones that are QoL. Layer 7 also has some chals and ups. Layer 7 also has a clickable that converts it into torch, which also costs wood. Layer 5 ups are unlocks at layer 7 stage, all of which may seem very costly but also unlocks new content-electricity. Electricity are gained passively, which can be used for extra coal. It also can be used for “Mining Machine”, which unlocks layer 8(Depth). Layer 8 has milestones that are unlocked with mining. But Depth is (hardcapped) at some point. Layer 9(Iron) resets all prior stuff but unfinished.

Balancing: Normal speed but grindy in late game. The grind part is the copper layer, due to the clickables. Also all chals in this game are only slower than the normal run, because the nerf isn’t exponential or something. However, don’t try them too early or you’ll suffer.

Misc: There’s a useless button in the settings.

Conclusion: The game was fun and balanced very well, but the late game was grindy.

Overall Rank: B

69.The Factoree(Dystopia*)
*Also “Dystopia-user181”, “scarlet”, and “scar137”


Topic: Managing a factory. But in the late game the factory is more like a villain, since it hurts the environment and society.

Length: 4-6 hrs. Endgame: e1.75e7 ores

Layers: 7 layers. Layer 1(Extractor) has 16 ups, and 3 buyables that are unlocked at layer 2(Furnace). Layer 1 also has ‘oil’ tab, which has a toggle that enables oil burning, which boosts ores but you lose oil. Layer 2 has 3 tabs: “Main”, “Upgrades” and “embers”. Main has a slider that produces metal but consumes furnaces. You can buy layer 1 buyables with metal. Upgrades has 12 ups. Embers tab has 4 buyables that can be bought with embers. It also has ‘Flame’ that resets embers, which is a static layer and has 10 ups.

Layer 3(Manufacture) resets all row 1 layers, which is also a static layer and has 2 tabs: “Main” and “Factories”. Main has milestones that are QoL, and 4 ups. Factories tab has a slider that works the same as layer 2, but produces brick. It also has 3 buyables(factories) that uses brick but cost increases one another. It also has 4 ups and you can respec factories, but ups can’t be respecced. Layer 4(Plastic) is unlocked with Factory buyable 2, which has 4 ups that are kept on layer 3. Layer 4 also has structures that are unlocked at layer 5(Monopoly), which has a buyable(structure) and 3 sliders that consumes structures.

Layer 5 resets layer 1~4, and 6(Power stations; unlocked later), which has 3 tabs: “Main”, “Competitors”, and “Pollution”. Main is the same as layer 3, with 9 more ups. Competitors has 8 chals, whose theme is about overcoming lawsuits, space issue, the interruption of the government, and then truly become a monopoly factory(this MUST be illegal). Pollution has 3 plases, which nerf things a lot on entry, but give a boost on exit. Layer 6 simply has 2 buyables and 4 ups. Layer 7(Research) has 7 buyables, the 1st one gains a scientist, the others are researches that boosts things vastly, but they takes a lot of time. Layer 7 also has 6 ups that helps them.

Balancing: Slow, strategic but not grindy. There are several timewalls in this game, the 5th layer 5 up takes 1000 sec. There are too many strategic moments, the most painful one is “The Upgrade Factory I”, because it limits the number of ups you can buy(but not layer 4).

Misc: Holding buyables doesn’t work. There are some stories in some descriptions.

Conclusion: The game was fun, but has some timewalls and there are too many strategy.

Overall Rank: C

70.The Tree Of Nerfs 2: Extreme Mode*(downvoid) alt link
*Also “ton2 Extreme”. The name should be “The Tree of Nerfs 2: Extreme Mode”. This review is based on v0.H.


Topic: Same as “The Tree Of Nerfs 2”(check the review 1 in #1.), but with more nerfs.

Length: 7-8 hrs. Endgame: Furnace at 100℃.

Layers: 7 layers and 7 side layers. All main layers are the same as the one in ton2. All side layers keep main layers(not chals) and always kept. Side layer 1(Nerf) has the nerf list in extreme, it also has 7 ups. Nerfs 2 and 4 are removed later. Side layer 2(Accelerate) has 8 ups, 1 buyable(has max amount), and 4 chals. Side layer 2 chals reset main layers and the 4th one is repeatable(max 3). Side layer 3(Booster) has a milestone that automates it, 2 ups, and chals that resets main layers. The last one is repeatable(max 7).

Side layer 4(Challenging Challenge;I’ll call it CC.) has 2 chals, both of which has the same nerf as EC12 in AD, because they make the game 1000x slower and has timers(but shorter). CC1 resets layer 5(not ups), and you should complete in 0.03sec of game time. CC1 can be completed up to twice. CC2 resets layer 6(not ups), it also nerfs dimensions, and you should complete in 0.0325 sec of game time, which can be completed up to thrice. After completing all CC, side layer 5(Dimboost) appear. Side layer 5 reset nothing and has 2 buyables. Side layer 5 is automated at 100 of them.

Side layer 6(Elemantary) is unlocked if you buy the final Layer 5 up. Its 1st tab has “High Gods” that costs atoms, but boosts varoius things. Atoms are based on meters. The 2nd tab has 3 fome buyables that boost fome, but not the others. The 3rd tab has ups that works the same as form buyables. The 4th tab shows the scaling/softcaps in fome. The 5th tab is another fome(colorful fome), which boosts fome. It also has 3 buyables that boost all fomes.

Side Layer 7(Furnace) is unlocked at 69 fome dimensions[nice number!], which has 2 tabs. The 1st tab has clickables, which is needed to activate the furnace. After some time, the 2nd tab appear, which shows the temperature of the fire, which is capped at 100℃.

Balancing: Harder than the normal. The last Booster chal is hard, because you should pick the right ups. The most painful thing is CC2, because you should gain e13 Antimatter before CC2x1. But even if you gained e13, due to the timer, you’ll fail if you don’t hurry. Even CC2x2 and x3 are hard. After you beat CC2, it’ll be easy though. Except: fome is timewall.

Misc: While CC2 is the pain, the timer for this was initially 0.03 sec, not 0.0325. In fact, it increased due to complaints. I still hate this!!!

Conclusion: The game was as unique as ton2, but some part was hell. I think CC2’s timer should be increased to 0.05 sec.

Overall Rank: B

71.The Point Tree(Randim82*) link
*Also “RD82”. This review is based on v1.3.1.


Topic: A generic TMT.

Length: 5~7 hrs. Endgame: e151 551 551 Point Fragments(PF)

Layers: 6 Layers and 2 side layers. Layer 1(Basic) has ups, some of which are added later. Layer 2(Rebirth) resets layer 1, which has milestones that are QoL. It also has ups that are added later. Layer 3(Prestige) resets layers 1 & 2, whose content is the same as layer 2. Layer 4(Mega) resets layers 1~3, which has milestones(QoL+Boost) and ups(some are added later). It also has 3 buyables, unlocked 1 by 1. Note that some passive gains are boosted later on.

Layer 5(Sacrifice) resets layers 1~4 and 6(Energy; added later). Layer 5 has many powerful milestones that are QoL, but most of the later ones boosts things. It also has 4 chals that are also powerful. But all of them(except the 1st) actually requires enough sacrifice, otherwise you’ll stuck in it. Layer 6 is always passively gained(not ups), which has many ups. It also has many milestones that aren’t QoL, so they’re more like ups. Some layer 6 ups only can be bought in Layer 5 chal. Side layer 1(Achievements) has achievements, but they only requires progressing. But some achievements have rewards that are needed.

Balancing: Normal speed but a bit grindy in mid game. The game goes very fine until layer 4 unlock. In layer 4(Mega) you’ll grind previous layer ups a lot, as layer 4 resets them. However, after layer 5 unlock, this game goes very fine again. Because unlocking layer 5(Sacrifice) automates layer 4 gain, which is very, very useful(actually you don’t have to worry about layer 4 reset again). If you think layer 4 is bad, I recommend you to push further, after that it’ll be fun again. And layer 5 chals was balanced very well, so if you’re stuck then something must be missing.

Misc: There are infos in the 2nd side layer.

Conclusion: The game lacks uniqueness. However, I can say that this is a good TMT. Because the game has no bugged walls, big timewalls. This game wasn’t grindy at all. Layer 4(Mega) was a bit grindy, I agree. But this was only a exception(this was why I don’t rated it as A, I’ll rank as A if layer 4’s grind is solved), I think this game was very satisfying. I actually don’t agree with the opinions where this game is repetitive.

Overall Rank: B

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