Feature Requests

On the discord server, creators will message about bugs and errors with TMT, and occasionally suggest improvements to things within TMT, but I don’t see much discussion about new features. I feel like when new ones are introduced, like particles or grids or upgrade trees, it catches most of us by surprise because they weren’t specifically requested. That’s not an issue, since those features will get used by at least someone, and anyone else can just not use it if they don’t want to, but I’m curious if there are features out there that people would actually really like to see.

So, what features would you like to see?


Build-in buyables buy and buymax function?
I just feels like the whole buyable part is missing something

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This has been suggested before, but buyables are specifically designed to use arbitrary types of currency, so it makes buy functions a bit tricky - it’d need all those weird properties upgrades have, which is kinda a mess.

Buymax depends heavily on how the costs are calculated and scaled, and can’t really be done automatically. At best there could be a utility function for common scaling types… Which there actually is! It’s a part of break_eternity.js already! They have the following functions, for the two most common types of cost scaling:

Decimal.affordGeometricSeries(resourcesAvailable, priceStart, priceRatio, currentOwned)
Decimal.sumGeometricSeries(numItems, priceStart, priceRatio, currentOwned)
Decimal.affordArithmeticSeries(resourcesAvailable, priceStart, priceAdd, currentOwned)
Decimal.sumArithmeticSeries(numItems, priceStart, priceAdd, currentOwned)

Didn’t know that was there, thx


multi saves slot and inport without refresh i think?
I saw that at TMT-X, and i think it will be useful for playtesting and modding