How to boost Layer 2 by Layer 1 Points?

Trying to make my own Modding Tree mod, and i’m trying to make an upgrade that boosts Layer 2’s points (slightly) by Layer 1’s points, but I havent been able to figure it out myself. I’ve got this code in the upgrade:

effect() {
return player[jj].points.add(1).mult(1.05)
effectDisplay() { return format(upgradeEffect(this.later,“x” },

and this code under Layer 2’s gainMult:

if (hasUpgrade(‘j’, 22)) mult = mult.times(upgradeEffect(‘j’, 22))

if i need to specify certain things, i am willing to do so.

If layer one was labeled as A
And layer one was labeled as B

In Layer One Upgrade:

effect() {
return (player.A.points.add(1)).times(1.05)
effectDisplay() { return format(upgradeEffect(this.layer, + “x” },

Layer Two Mult:

gainMult() {
let mult = new Decimal(1)
if (hasUpgrade(‘A’, 11) mult = mult.times(upgradeEffect(‘A’, 11))
return mult