How to generate layer points?

Title says it all. To reformulate the question: How would one start generation of prestige points, not points, using an upgrade?

In the gainMult(), gainExp(), or requires()


If you want to boost Prestige Point Gain but not lower the requirement, you put it in gainMult()
let mult = new Decimal(1)
if (hasUpgrade(‘p’, 11)) mult = mult.times(3)
return mult

If you want to boost Prestige Point Gain earlier by lowering the requirement, you put it in requires()
Note: requires is not a function until you make it an function

let requirement = new Decimal(10)
if (hasUpgrade(‘p’, 11)) requirement = requirement.div(1.5)
return requirement


if you want to boost Prestige Point gain Exponentially, then use gainExp(),

let exp = new Decimal(1)
if (hasUpgrade(‘p’, 11)) exp = exp.add(0.2)
return exp


I dont think thats quite what im looking for. from what i can tell, this simply increases prestige point gain. what i’m looking for is automatic generation, like “5% of your potential prestige points per second” or something along those lines

Then you want to use passiveGeneration()

let passive = new Decimal(0)
if (hasUpgrade(‘p’, 11)) passive = passive.add(0.05) //5% Prestige Points depending on Reset
return passive